Things Are Looking Up

Current System Configuration: Relaxed
-Bukkirabou na Ai ni Oboretai (I Wanna Drown in your Brusque Love) by Akira Sudou [jRock, from Bubblegum Crisis 2040]
-Resolution by Romantic Mode [jPop, from After War Gundam X]
-Glory of Rome from Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia: The Metal Opera [Power Metal]
[Breakfast] Pancakes with brown sugar
[Lunch] Burger steak with brown rice
[Dinner] none yet
[Coffee] Homebrew coffee

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None, should be reading That Hideous Strength
Welcome to my new blog. WordPress looks really good, so if you want to start a blog or are planning to move, WordPress might be a good idea.

Anyway, since I don’t really have much time and I need to rest my brain, I’m just posting a Flatliner today. (A Flatliner is a short post that involves minimal brain activity, as opposed to my long-winded and often philosophical/theological Sable Reflections.)

I got my new laptop from my dad last Saturday, and I really love it. It’s been very helpful in my work at school and provides a welcome diversion when necessary. Praise God for that. It’s an Acer 5100 with a 1.6 Dual Core processor and 1 GB RAM D: My dad meant it for mobile gaming, but it works just as well for my work. Hopefully it will save me some time in my work. No more lazy days. Ha! Take that, unproductivity!

On the other hand, my car is no longer working. -_- Due to my stupidity it got left out in the rain, and the rain was nasty enough to cause a flood. I’ve tried to start it, but it just refuses to work. I really pray I can get it up and running soon. I still need it! D:

Tomorrow I need to get some dice for the little wargame I’ve having in my classes. My friend said he got his set for Php 500, but my brother said his cost only a little more than 100. o_O Go figure. I’ll have to see for myself tomorrow.

That’s about it. I just didn’t want to have the “Hello World” post as my only entry. 😛


Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 18, 2006.

3 Responses to “Things Are Looking Up”

  1. Hehehe. At long last, I am able to post comments on your blog without my company firewall blocking it.

    Dual Core is definitely nice. Props to your dad for picking a Dual Core laptop.

    Can’t wait to test my phone in Podium for net surfing tomorrow. Hehehe! Seeya!

  2. […] He finally got about putting up the new place. So far, he’s still getting the hang of everything but it looks like he’s liking the new system. He even put up a post already although it’s a Flatliner. Go read his blog to know what a Flatliner for him is. […]

  3. nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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