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Olympia by JAM Project [Anison]

This song is probably the most AWESOME JAM Project song I’ve ever heard. Yes, in my opinion it beats even the mighty GONG. Olympia starts out as a bittersweet ballad with Rika Matsumoto’s vocals, then it segues into an very heavy epic metal sequence. The song is split more or less in half by a couple of extreme guitar solos, then the last third of the song is classic, happy-and-heroic-sounding JAM Project. It gave me goosebumps. This song is nothing less than nearly 10 minutes’ worth of pure JAM Project goodness.

[Breakfast] Luncheon meat, cheese omelet, foccacia bread
[Lunch] Spicy tuna on whole wheat buns
[Dinner] Burger steak and brown rice
[Coffee] Homebrew

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Sudden Death

I received some news today about a senior from Ateneo High School who died while taking the ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test). I just find it so surreal to hear about somebody suddenly dropping dead while taking a test that would determine a sizeable part of his near future. Apparently, the boy had a viral infection that killed him really quickly. No real details, but boy, that really threw me off. Condolences to the boy’s family, I pray that you might receive the Lord’s healing.


It’s a harsh reality, but it’s a reminder that none of us lives forever. It’s just sad to see someone go at such a crucial moment in his life. Making the most of one’s life is something so easy to say, but so difficult to do. I guess we just have to keep reminding ourselves of it—not like that’s easy. We often get so caught up in the little pleasures and victories of this world that we forget about the next.  


Oh, and to my students: PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! There are so many sick people now that it’s not funny. Take your vitamins, eat well, and please get enough sleep!


Preposterous Prepositions

Now for something mildly amusing.


Saw this when I was going through my RSS news feeds. Apparently, someone made a booboo. I clicked on the problematic link and it gave me an “article not found” error. It’s a pretty amusing foil to the nasty news I had to open my post with.


It may just have been an honest typo, but due to the nature of our mother tongue, many of us have difficulties with prepositions. Tagalog only has one preposition which can mean in, on, at, or practically anything else. English, on the other hand, has several, which leads to confusing situations like this:


Student: “I was born on Quezon City.”

Teacher: “…born ON? You were on top of Quezon City?”

Student: “Uh…I was born for…?”

Teacher: “…”

Linguistic lapses like these make my job far more difficult. But like I tell my students, if they want to be good at English, they have to read more.

Anyway, I have to get back to my work. Coming up with impromptu speech topics is tricky.




Your Black Lion





~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Prepositions”

  1. […] Posted by Righteously Insane™ in News, Thoughts, Ateneo, Righteously Insane’s Rant. trackback So this sad news from Joey’s blog. I don’t really know the details but in anutshell, this young man from Ateneo High School who was taking the ACET just dropped dead all of a sudden during the exam. Apparently, he was suffering from some viral infection and was already feeling sick and had requested to have the testing date rescheduled. Bad news was he didn’t get any better and apparently the virus hit his vitals when he was taking the exam. He died on the spot. This is really shocking news to me. But I think it’s even more shocking for his parents. I can imagine the mom asking herself why she didn’t see this coming and probably blaming herself for the loss of her beloved son. So young and so soon. I’ll be digging for more details and will post what I find tomorrow. To those who are reading this post right now, especially the students, please, PLEASE, watch your health! If you notice something feels wrong, tell your parents, go see a doctor. You know your body better than anyone. Don’t wait until something like this happens! I hate to think that either the boy or his parents were careless. They probably just didn’t see this coming. They probably didn’t think it was that bad. But there are a lot of virii nowadays that can make our bodies traitor to us, making think it’s just a cold, or a slight fever, but in fact, it’s already killing us inside. I commend the young man’s soul to God. He deemed this young man to rest early. And I pray that his guardian angel helps soothe the bitter pain of such an early loss in his parents and loved ones. I do not know his name. But for this news to remain under wraps for this long must mean that the family is avoiding as much exposure about this as possible. Another eagle has fallen. But his soul now flies free. And we are left to grieve his loss. I am still reeling from the shock and trying to hard to stop the tears. I can imagine the shock for the parents is a hundredfold. And this time, I don’t think a hug would be enough. But then, that’s all the comfort that we can give, we who don’t understand God’s ways. […]

  2. Why He’s Gone

    I’ve heard varying stories from different people and bloggers alike about what happened to that AHS student who died on that ACET weekend.
    This is the correct account. I think this would help ease the load of questions to the parents of the young…

  3. May he rest in peace. I don’t care if he’s from Ateneo. I just hope that he rests in Heaven peacefully.

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