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The Shaken-Hearted Alchemist by Salamander Factory. Alchimie’s boss theme from Super Robot Wars.

[Breakfast] Whole wheat batard
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[Dinner] none yet
[Coffee] Sipping a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino
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The storm Milenyo has passed, and it left chaos in its wake. A large part of Luzon is still in darkness, as the power companies decided to shut down as a preemptive measure as the storm raged over Metro Manila yesterday. There still isn’t any power at home, so I decided to drive my mom to work so that I could hang out at the Starbucks close to her office. Thankfully, Podium’s wifi is online, and that’s how I’m posting this right now. My battery was running dry late yesterday afternoon, so I had to shut down my laptop. Now, I’m leeching power off Podium’s generator. Thank God for technology.

Our house wasn’t damaged at all. No damage from flying debris, no damage from falling trees, no broken windows. Our cars were undamaged as well. Even my car, which was parked in the street, didn’t get smacked by falling branches. CCF, however, didn’t fare so well.

Our new 5th floor worship hall has two new holes in its roof, and the rain came in and soaked the carpeting. Thankfully the sun’s out today, which will make repairs at least easier to do. God still takes care of His children.

My aunt’s house was damaged by a falling tree, with a branch falling through the skylight. Evacuating from the house was quite difficult due to the large number of trees falling across the streets. Nasty business. I’ve yet to get in touch with her, as the cell networks were shut down by the storm.

Anyway, the city seems to be returning to normalcy fairly quickly. The power grids are gradually coming back online, and people who have the capability to do so are now logging back on to the Internet. Starbucks seems to be enjoying this sudden influx of customers. People buy their Php 100+ drinks in exchange for some surfing and a battery charge. Most of my students are probably pleased that they have another free day, one undampened by bad weather. They can relax, do whatever they need to do, and go to the sale here at the Podium. But that’s us.

What about the people whose houses got blown away? Those who have lost a lifetime of memories along with their homes? What about those who lost their families? Those who lost their lives?

So many questions, so few willing to answer.

Surviving the Storm,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 29, 2006.

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