For a Little Ray of Light

Current System Configuration: Still a Power leech

Anywhere from Avantasia: The Metal Opera. Not a power metal song per se, more of a power ballad. I think its lyrics suit the situation very well. “Waiting for tomorrow, for a little ray of light…”

[Breakfast] Chocolate oatmeal
[Lunch]  none yet
[Dinner] none yet
[Coffee] Sipping a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino
Current Read:

Day 3 of the blackout. Power has been restored to about 60% of Metro Manila as of around 6 pm yesterday, and Meralco is still restoring power at a snail’s pace. They say they’ll have about 80% of the grids up by today. By when today, they are not willing to commit. Milenyo tore down so many trees that the power company is having a hard time even getting to the poles.

I’m really quite indignant. They should have finished repair work yesterday. A lot of people are sleeping fitfully after eating canned goods by candlelight. A lot of us feel like refugees, even if we aren’t.

It’s in times like these that we should count our blessings. I wasn’t thinking about this yesterday. Instead I was just continuously angsting about sitting in the dark, asking God to show us some light in the darkness. After all, some Bible scholars say that God created light as a reminder of His goodness, as it was the only thing that existed at that time.

Things I can be thankful for:

-Hot food. At least the stove’s still working. The food in the fridge is beginning to decay, but at least we have the money to buy new food. The grocery’s open too.

-A car with gas. We can get around, thank God.
-My computer. Sure, it needs power, but at least I have a place to plug it in.
-A roof over my head. It’s still there.
-My family’s safety. No one was injured or killed. Grandpa is safe, albeit a bit ill.
-I can look forward to a great feast tomorrow, care of my brother. In celebration of his birthday, he’s preparing a rather large and delicious meal. Hopefully the power will come back on soon so he can begin.
-Money. I still have money at home and in the bank. I won’t go hungry.

Thank God for all these things. I was a bit too selfish in my behavior last night. I feel better now that I’ve remembered all these good things we still have.

In the Ray of Light,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 30, 2006.

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