Flailing, Thrashing and Anime

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Heart of a Dragon by DragonForce. This extreme power metal song sounds very much like a praise song. Strange and fun, and really interesting.

We Are One by Freedom Call. I just find the line “Glory, forever! Eternity endeavor!” particularly awesome. It sounds like an angel’s battlecry.

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*suffering from a frustrating lack of time to read*

Okay, I really have no idea what to talk about today. I just didn’t want to let me blog get stale. Been really busy at work, my kids’ grades are due next Friday. Gasp. Also, more than 1000 hits now. Yay. Thank you for your kind attention.

You can clearly see that my sanity is beginning to fray, and that my brain activity is minimal.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the new Super Robot Wars anime, Divine Wars. As opposed to the rather disappointing 3-episode OVA that came out some months ago, Divine Wars is a 26-episode series which seems to be quite promising. Divine Wars is basically an animated version of Ryusei Date’s route in SRW Original Generation, specifically the war against the Divine Crusaders. That means we’ll get to see awesome battles with the DC supreme commander, Bian Zoldark, and his Valsion!

The animation is a significant improvement over the OVA, and the CGed mechs aren’t as bad as some purists make them out to be. Their movement is very smooth, and the action scenes are far more fast-paced than those found in most Gundam anime. Even the grunt Gespensts rock—instead of trotting over the ground, they actually hover, enabling them to move at amazing speeds. And until now, none of the good-guy mechs have been shown using beam weapons—a refreshing change from all the beam-spamming fancy poses and stock footage in Gundam SEED.  

 The voice acting is top-notch, and the story seems to be a very interesting mix of the Original Generation game storyline, the OG2 storyline (as Srey, Ibis and Tsugumi already make their appearances), and the Alpha storyline (EUZETH GOZZO! Cobray Gordon!).

  Shuu Shirakawa has also made his sinister appearance—and on a very ominous note, both he and Bian are shown admiring one of DC’s most powerful units—the DCAM-00 Granzon–the fattest mech you’ll never want to mess with.

Ryusei’s comrades, the icy Raidiese F. Branstein and the lovely Captain Aya Kobayashi have already appeared–Rai’s first appearance even has a special treat: an actual animated sequence of the Vanishing Trooper incident! (The Vanishing Trooper incident involved the Hückebein R’s Black Hole Engine exploding during a test. Rai miraculously survived it, but he lost his left arm.)

I highly recommend Divine Wars to any mech-heads out there.

Waging Divine Wars,

Your Black Lion 


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 20, 2006.

8 Responses to “Flailing, Thrashing and Anime”

  1. Yosh! R-1, ikimasu!

  2. I am currently in love with Rai.

    Agh, there are so much anime series worth watching nowadays, I barely have time to watch ’em all. (Gah, I make it sound like Pokemon.) Then there’s school. Aaaaah.

    Congrats on the almost 1000 hits by the way. 😀

  3. Mac> Dude, “ikimasu” is too Kira! Ryusei says “R-1, IIIIIKUZE!” 

    Yana> I guess it’s hard to resist German bishounen. I can’t wait till Rai’s older brother Elzam makes an appearance too.

  4. more than a thousand hits, you say? nice one, sir.

  5. wow, sir, you already have (as of this comment) 1209 hits! cool.

    *suddenly remembers that she once had a site with 4000+ hits*


  6. Sir did you hear about Heart of a Dragon being patterned after the nursery rhyme 5 Green Speckled Frogs?

    Sir congrats on that 1000 hits thing. I wish that many people read my blog XD

  7. Really? o_O I didn’t know. Heart of a Dragon sounds like a praise song so me. (There’s a song whose chorus goes “For you are glorious, shining victorious!”, and it sounds a lot like the chorus in Heart of a Dragon)

  8. This gundam serie is the most effective. I cannot overlook my first time watching Gundam Wing then know about japan mobile suit gundam. Hope to have more fantastic gundam serie within the future

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