3% Brain Activity

Current System Configuration: Trying to relax
WILD EYES by Nana Mizuki. From the anime Basilisk. I’m not really into ninjas, but they’re cool. So is this song.Sustenance:
[Breakfast] French Toast
[Lunch] Grilled steak burrito
[Dinner] Shawarma
[Coffee] Venti again
I Want to Read:
-Gathering Blue
-Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
-The Icewind Dale Trilogy

 I tried really hard to work today, but my brain just wouldn’t cooperate. I spent the whole afternoon sipping a frappe at Starbucks, surfing aimlessly. It’s really hard to force myself to work on a weekend when I know I need rest. Anyway, some new clips from the upcoming Super Robot Wars Original Generations game for the PS2:

This clip contains the following battles:

-Irm and his Grungust vs Vigaj and his Galgau. It’s good to see old-school mechs duking it out in PS2 graphics.
-Ryusei in R-1 vs Tenzan in Barrelion. Not a really cool battle scene, but I just LOVE Tenzan’s voice acting.
-Kusuha in Grungust Type-2 vs a Ze Balmary Imperial Huleh Cruiser. The Grungust Nishiki looks more awesome than ever.
-Tasuku in Giganscudo vs a Ze Balmary Imperial Habakkuk artillery mech. This is a dream come true for Giganscudo fans.
-Leona in Guarlion vs the slimy Archibald Grims in his R-Eins. I can really feel Archibald’s sliminess oozing in his voice. And Leona Garstein. ❤

It gets better. This clip is even more badass.

-Masaki in Cybuster, shattering the sound barrier and whacking Shuu’s Granzon
-Axel’s Soul Gain smacking Kyosuke’s Alteisen Riese with Byakko Kou—note how much it looks like Naruto’s Rasengan! Of course, Kyosuke isn’t a slouch either—the Revolving Bunker animation is just awesome.
-Sanger’s Grungust Type-0 vs Odin Ymir’s Thrudgelmir. Just look at Thrudgelmir’s attack! I’ve never seen Zankantou: Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi look so pwnsome. He oozes pure “Dark Knight Leetness”—especially in that close-up shot of Thrudgelmir roaring! *faints*

Finally, the last clip. A whole bunch of battle animation scenes, with my favorite being Major Kai Kitamura’s Ultimate Gespenst Kick. Totally, totally awesome.

Pardon my mech-headedness, but I just had to post this here. ^_^;

By the way, my about page is now up. I might add more pages of that nature explaining the general esoteric stuff you see me ranting about, but I guess I’ll do that when I’m not so busy.

Still Flatlined,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 21, 2006.

8 Responses to “3% Brain Activity”

  1. Awww…..coffee doesn’t work? Ouch.

  2. I’ve got Inkspell, sir, if you want to borrow it 😀
    Oh, yeah, and I shall return your Avantasia CDs tomorrow XD Sorry, sir, I keep forgetting >_

  3. Thanks for the offer Katja, but as a book lover I’d like to have my own copy ^_^; Besides, I wouldn’t have time to read it. >_

  4. Oh, okay sir ^^
    I got my copy from Fully Booked for around P200++, I think. Or was it P300++? I forget XD
    Ahm…no one in Pisay’s got time to read anything now, sir XD But when you do get to read the book, I think you’ll find it a bit hard to put down. Well, that was how it was in my case, anyway. Inkspell was the only reason I stayed up late on perio nights o_o;;

  5. I thought you’re not the kind of person to say badass O_o…

  6. I’m not. It’s just the only appropriate term I could think of at that time. *Fanboyish*

  7. Those videos made me crap my pants. They’re awesome! D:

  8. not sure about that…

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