Freaky Fairday

Current System Configuration: Definitely relaxed
Anthem of the World by Stratovarius. [Power Metal] This song has a wonderful melody, but the lyrics are slightly more nihilistic than my usual fare. A 9:32 minute song. The vocals aren’t as good as Dragonforce’s, but the melody is certainly impressive.

[Breakfast] Cereal
[Lunch] Chicken Tonkatsu
[Dinner] —
[Coffee] Starbucks usual
I’m glad the whole stressful period is over. I was able to finish my grades before they were due, despite my being on the verge of fainting from fatigue last Wednesday. I followed my mom’s advice and didn’t bring home any work, so I was able to get a good night’s rest. I then spent the rest of Thursday finishing the grades with minimal stress or pain. I was able to go home and repair my Ky Kiske costume. I am currently stress-free, praise God.This year’s fair was definitely a lot more amusing than last year’s. My costume won a prize at the costume contest—a feat for a 3-year old piece that cost me less than 500 pesos to make. I’m probably going to wear something else next year, though.

Garamond’s Can Knockdown

Garamond (our collective name for the sections Garnet and Diamond, most of whom are good friends) managed to make the mundane Can Knockdown booth a little more interesting than usual. Each can was labeled as a “subject,” with varying point values assigned to them. Major subjects had larger values, while minor subjects naturally had smaller values. “Flunking” more “subjects” gives you a higher score, but there’s a catch. There are some cans that are labeled as “IRs” (Incident reports to those who aren’t familiar with the jargon), with varying values depending on the gravity of the offense. Knocking those cans down deducted points from your score. Their tagline? “Failing is inevitable, why not go all the way?”  [1] [2] [3] 

More Garamond pics:

Camcam in her pseudo-Hogwarts uniform.
Fifi, An-chan, Rah-chan and Kei-chan
Isa, Estelle and Kristina
Joe being tormented by a jailer
Alvin in jail
Garnet cramming during the fair

J-Ders and GaoGaiGar

Because of the oppressive heat outside, I decided to return to the hovel that I call my cubicle and spent time rewatching GaoGaiGar FINAL. A couple of students (James and Isa V) dropped by and got engrossed in what I was engrossed in, so we watched practically all of GGGF (we had to skip a couple of episodes due to the disc being damaged). They were greatly amused by J-Der and King J-Der (as James and Isa are from section Jade, they refer to themselves as Jaders). I guess Jade has a new mascot now. 😛

Other J-Der pics:

The J-Ders [1] [2] 
Luigi upside-down on the velcro wall

Today my brother and I went to the fair in the hopes of savagely crushing everyone else in SoulCalibur III, but unfortunately the booth was full. We played a couple of rounds of Magic, with me winning both times. (I’ll add an entry on that later)


Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 28, 2006.

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