Drizzt in Magic?

Just a little post that I had to separate from the previous entry.

My friend Mac posted a little image he found of a Magic: The Gathering card that featured no less than the legendary Forgotten Realms hero Drizzt Do’Urden.

A not-so nice Drizzt card

A little background. Drizzt is a Drow, a race of subterranean elves that populate the Forgotten Realms world. Practically all Drow are evil demon-worshippers, Drizzt is an exception. He dwells on the surface and is one of Faerun’s most famous heroes.

He has a side fueled by pure instinct (which he relied on when he had to survive in the Underdark alone after leaving his homeland), but he is able to control this side now, summoning it when needed.

Unfortunately, I have to say that this card is very badly thought out. Here’s why.

-Most glaring: the panther he summons, Guenwhyvar, is listed in the card as a black creature. A panther, being a natural hunter, should be affiliated with green instead, as black is the color of death and darkness, not nature. Either that or the creator of this card left out the color altogether and made the creature a “Black Panther,” not a black “Panther.”

-The creature type is wrong. It should be “Legendary Creature — Drow Elf Warrior.” (As “Ranger” isn’t an existing creature type. It doesn’t make sense to invent it just for Drizzt) Alternatively, the “Drow” could be ommitted altogether as Drow are elves anyway.

-Protection from Black. As awesome as Drizzt is, I really cannot see anything that will make him immune to black magical attacks.

-Double Strike and Haste are Red abilities. I know he’s got a bit of Red in his casting cost, but that’s totally inappropriate for what Drizzt is, being a champion of the nature goddess Mielikki. Red does not belong in this creature’s color portfolio.
-For a creature who is predominantly White/Green, an offensive-bent 7/5 power/toughness rating is inappropriate—not to mention far too high even for such a powerful hero.

-The casting cost is so high that poor Drizzt is almost completely useless.

This is how I’d do it.

Drizzt card

-White represents his noble side, while Green represents his primal side. Red is far too destructive to be included in his portfolio, and although Drizzt still uses inherent Drow abilities, he has totally forsaken the Black ways of the Drow. The casting cost has also been tweaked to make him actually usable.

-Power toughness has been dumbed down to 3/4, which is still hefty for an elf. Having a P/T of 7/5 WITH Double Strike made him capable of taking down any Leviathan-class creature, which I really don’t see him doing. I know Drizzt rocks, but I still can’t see him squashing a Lord of the Pit without straining himself to the limit. This way, Drizzt can take down a massive 7/7 creature by using his two abilities and relying on Guenhwyvar as backup.

-The white damage prevention ability can either be seen as Twinkle’s blinding ability, or as his darkness shroud ability. Sure, darkness is in Black’s portfolio, but the ability to prevent damage is White.

-The Hunter can be unleashed through Drizzt’s second ability. Drizzt gains a rather hefty bonus for only GG. Of course, it isn’t an almighty ability.

-Guenwhyvar can only be summoned once each turn. I know that the summoning isn’t taxing enough to actually “tap” Drizzt, but this is for balance’s sake–not to mention that Green has lots of ways of untapping creatures anyway. Also, Guenwhyvar is a Spirit Cat (being from the Astral Plane). White represents her otherworldly Spirit side, while Green represents her primal hunter side. Also, she’s legendary.

-Finally, I got a better shot of Todd Lockwood’s Drizzt artwork for the cover of The Thousand Orcs. Sure, it doesn’t show the orcs getting owned, but it certainly makes Drizzt the focus of the artwork.
There you have it. I’m an übergeek.


Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 31, 2006.

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  1. You forgot that Guen should be a legendary creature also. Guen cannot stay in play for long. In the story, she can only remain in the First Material Plane for a good 24 hours although there have been instances when she was able to stay longer. That would mean that everytime she’s summoned, she has to disappear at the end of the turn. That can help remove the necessary tap symbol and just increase the casting cost instead. Plus since Drizzt is part white, I think he can now be eligible to protection from red which would be Icingdeath, his other scimitar’s ability (Icingdeath can stop even dragonfire which would essentially be the most powerful form of fire in this realm).

    Just suggestions! ^_^

  2. I didn’t forget the legendary part~
    Well, perhaps I could have Guen only lasting for a turn. I guess that could work.
    Protection from Red is in my opinion far too all-encompassing in the world of Magic. Remember, Red in Magic has Earth power as well–not to mention pure chaos. That’s hardly something Drizzt is immune too. That would also make him unblockable by red creatures that don’t necessarily deal with fire.

    The best idea is probably to make Icingdeath a separate Equipment card that can give Prot:Red. I just think that having all those uber abilities on one creature is a bit too steep. After all, Toshi Umezawa had powers of darkness, ice and teleportation in the Kamigawa novel, but all he does is basically flashback your spells. (His varied abilities are more accurately translated onto his pwnsome Jitte)

    But thanks again for bringing this up, it made a rather interesting way to spend my afternoon. 😀

  3. Heheh! Drizzt has come to be one of my favorite fantasy novel characters. He’s as cool as Raistline without ZOMGPWNTHEWORLD kind of power. It’s like an amalgamation between Tanis’s internal conflict and Sturm’s sense of honor with a dash of Riverwind’s stoicism.

  4. how bout a casting cost of 1red 1black 1green and 1white red and black r included cause the hunter is destructive like red and he does use his inate abilites to fight quite often and his power should be 4/7 cause he never takes much damage but is really powerful his wepons and guen should b seaparate cards as well as his bracers so that u have to build his power not just imeadiatly have it

  5. he also heas caramons protectiveness and love of his friends

  6. RBGW is a totally unwieldy color combination. I wanted to make him actually playable in regular decks without being splashable.

    Black is a self-obsessed and thoroughly evil color. It’s not just death and darkness, it’s the color of parasitism and oppression. Regular Drow traits, yes, but not Drizzt.

    Red is the color of chaos, and Drizzt is Chaotic Good, yes, but I think it’s a thoroughly minor trait in light of Drizzt’s character. Furthermore, red is an undisciplined color. While Drizzt may be a chaotic character, he has a very strong sense of self-discipline, as shown in his training of Wulfgar.

    Drizzt has been seriously injured more than once, and we’ve seen this just in The Crystal Shard alone. I made this card before I read the novel, but the novel only confirms what I’ve read from Wikipedia and other sources. A power of 3 is sufficient to take down a giant (these average at 3/3), while a toughness of 4 is necessary to survive such a battle. The pump ability was meant to portray his “Hunter” mode (hence green, the color of instinct), but it can simply mean he is fighting at his best.

    With Guen out and with his “Hunter” mode active, he can take down a Balor like Errtu (who I would rate at 7/7 as he is a high-level demon who closely resembles Magic’s Lord of the Pit and Rakdos the Defiler) and absorb the seven damage between himself and Guen.

    The ability to get to a P/T of 5/6 is already pretty high for a humanoid character in my opinion. 5/5 is usually the highest humanoid characters could get. For example, Lady of the Mountain (http://resources.wizards.com/Magic/Cards/LE/en-us/Card1689.jpg) was based on this DnD character: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/arcana/255

    5/5 is already an epic-level humanoid character. I see no reason to give Drizzt a P/T of 7 when that is applied to Balors (Rakdos the Defiler), Pit Fiends (Lord of the Pit), Great Wyrm dragons (Elder Dragon Legends), and Iron Golems (Bosh, Iron Golem). Keep in mind that as per the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Drizzt is Lv 16. Hardly even epic.

    …okay, so Sir Shandlar of Eberyn is 4/7, but urgh. Does he really count? Considering he is as tough as an elder treant (Verdeloth the Ancient), I tend to think of him as just a fluke in Magic’s originally very arbitrary P/T system.

  7. so hold on, you made the Drizzt card shown above? cause that really freakin blows if it doesnt really exisit.. i’ve been searching francticaly for it, and cant find anything do to with it.

  8. The first one is not my design, I don’t know where my friend found it. The second one is my design, done in…darn, I forgot which program. I’ll check my other computer.

    And yes, he’s not really all that useful, though you’ll have to admit the first one is bloated and useless, kinda like an elder dragon legend. Like many legends, you’d only want to put him in a theme deck. I do think he’d be decent in a Selesyna deck, though–just not a centerpiece. He’d be more of a “utility knife” creature who can do more than he appears to and can give the ironically uncreative white/green color pairing a couple of tricks.

    • The first one is from an issue of the no longer printed Inquest Gamer Magazine. Every few issues they made cards that weren’t real for people to copy and play as casual.

  9. Jamie> Forgotten Realms characters aren’t featured in Magic: The Gathering last time I checked so yeah, the card does not exist. I don’t remember where I found the first card but I was simply searching for Drizzt card ideas before. Joey here definitely made a better version, ability-wise.

  10. Do Humanoid Characters such as angels count when applying P/T? Cause if that is the case there are several Vampires and Angels that could qualify as being far too powerful by you estimation. Also there are legends such as Kamahl and Phage that are just plain insane sometimes. And then there are all of the pit fighters from Onslaught, not one was underpowered. Jareth particularly, was too strong and hes only a leonin.

  11. Well, coming from a D&D standpoint, angels and vampires are not humanoid at all. Angels, Devils and Demons are Outsiders, while Vampires are Undead. They may be the same shape and size as humanoids (though some Angels, like the Planetar and Solar, are much bigger), but are far more powerful in terms of defenses and magical abilities. Since combat in Magic is an abstraction, a lot of that fades into the background and is abstracted into a single value for offense and a single value for defense. I would put the Serra Angel (4/4) below the Astral Deva from D&D. (I’d say the Astral Deva would be 5/5) Akroma, being perhaps the single most powerful angel in Magic, would be about as strong as a Planetar. The Solar would be at least 9/9, if we use 7/7 as the benchmark for a Balor. Solars can smash Balors like nobody’s business.

    The pit fighters are much stronger than normal creatures of their kind.

    Jareth is a Leonin, yes. A Leonine Titan. You can see how big he is in the art. I believe he’s holding half a Viashino or something. Silvos and the rest aren’t too hard to believe–they’re simply advanced versions of whatever they would be in D&D, probably with some class levels. (Visara would definitely have class levels.)

    You have to keep in mind that D&D is a roleplaying game, while Magic is a strategy game. D&D is a lot more detailed, while Magic is more abstract. As such, things do get lost in translation. Drizzt probably would be able to beat an Astral Deva, but only as long as he gets pumped full of energy. Pound for pound, an Astral Deva would definitely take him out.

    Here’s an old article about converting a D&D character into Magic: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/arcana/47
    The Lady of the Mountain here is a 71st level character. Most D&D characters don’t even get past 10th level.

  12. Ok, now i think I understand. Drizzt would probably be better suited for a lower level card based on his D&D level, correct? IF Drizzt was somehow capable of incresing his level in the story line would be able to justify a higher class of P/T? I don’t play D&D by the way, so this is a little unfamiliar to me.

  13. I think the card I made is the ideal power level. He isn’t sissy weak: he could easily beat swordsmen who aren’t that good, like Toshiro Umezawa (2/2, Bushido 1), but would easily lose to someone like say, Konda (who has godhax anyway. Bushido 5?!?). In any case, this is the ideal depiction of Drizzt–he has interesting abilities and can take out a lot of other creatures (very few creatures are above 5/5, really), without having an unwieldy high casting cost and an unrealistic assessment of his power. (Remember, stuff with a casting cost of 6-7 had BETTER be worth it and should have game-altering abilities–Angel of Despair, for example, while anything more than that is generally pointless.) When I was designing this card, I thought more about his application as a Magic card than what he could do in the novels.

    Drizzt as a D&D character is capable of increasing his level, since characters level up anyway. However, since he’s an NPC, he generally just stays that way in the actual game. In the novels, he’s stronger and stronger. Nevertheless, I doubt he’d get anything higher than 4/4. He really doesn’t have much in the way of magical power, so I don’t think he’d be able to easily take out say, Ihsan’s Shade or Baron Sengir on his own.

  14. this is one of the coolest threads I have seen. Haven’t plaid magic in over a decade, was looking for the Inquest card and stumbled into this. Brilliant. And, So much better than the original Inquest card from back in the day (2/2? 2/2???!?!?!)

  15. i like drizzt drow ranger to be made magic card

  16. i can see how he could be an elf but it really wouldnt do him justice anyways because he a drow elf but is more of an elf in thinking and he is a hunter and the ranger doesnt really fit because he kind of does his own thing. i would have actually put in a hunter ability because he can summon and control the hunter and put himself into a state of mental awareness. and i would have also put something in about him being a drow so he can use abilitys that would make him a good card in magic. but i dont see how his panther is green. he was stolen from menzo. and so he would be dark and he is silent and ussually will pass undetected so its not a matter of what his color represents for one of the thing drizzt shows is that racial prejudice. he is a drow elf and discrimanated within the realm for that. so the color of the panther by the book shows that it doesnt matter wat the color would mean.

  17. Magic never differentiates between subspecies. Mogg goblins, the original goblins, and the mutant goblins from Time Spiral are all goblins. The Selesnya elves, Golgari elves, and the horned elves from the most recent block are all elves.

    The GG: +2/+2 and trample till end of turn is the Hunter ability, and the “WW: prevent all damage this turn” reflects his Drow racial powers: spell resistance, faerie fire (which he’s used to distract would-be attackers) and the darkness globe.

    Apart from blue, green is the stealthiest color. Black’s unblockable creatures are unblockable due to either swampwalk or fear. They’re almost never stealthy. Green has a lot of “cannot be blocked except by walls” creatures, which reflects being able to pass through wilderness unnoticed. The white part represents Guen being “noble.”

  18. first of all, i think j.r.r is making sense because drizzt and guen left the dark ways behind. just because guen was held by an evil guy doesnt make her evil. drizzt doesnt represent any darkness at all when it comes to his belief and and fighting ways.

  19. Hey, what did you use to create that card? Was it a photoshop job or did you have a generator? And if you had a generator, can you email me a link to it? If it was a generator, it’s better than the one I have right now. My email is AbyssDM@gmail.com.

  20. I used Magic Set Editor.

  21. Drizzt is of course a black card at least in some sense, he is basically an agent of Chaos placed in Faerun by Lloth, and red as well because of the Hunter. He is green and white because of the teachings he recieved by Montolio as ranger but that does not erase his history in the underdark.

  22. Chaos is red, not black. But seriously, just how chaotic is he? He has a strong moral code, is a loyal friend, helped establish kingdoms–fully within the range of Chaotic Good, granted, but definitely not an agent of chaos. The agent of chaos in FR is Jarlaxle. Jarlaxle would definitely be Black/Red.

    The Hunter is a primal force–the impartial, uncaring focus of a predator. Primal is green.

    Drizzt never really considered the Underdark his home. His beliefs are anathema to those that drive the Drow. It’s like saying that Ihsan’s history as a paladin is not erased by the corruption of his soul, so therefore Ihsan’s Shade should be Black/White and not just Black.

  23. Wait, how did you make the card in the first place? I love to create, and I wish to try my own hand at making a Drizzt MtG card.

  24. Magic Set Editor. Please see the above comments.:D

  25. J.r.r is right, the magic version od drizzt and guen are perfect. The only thing I have to say is how can I get my hands on that card? Is there a way you can mail me four copies? Card sized? Oh and where are the bruenor, wulfgar and cattiebri cards?

  26. I think it would be best if you download the image and print it yourself. ^_^; I don’t have a printer right now.

    I’ll get around to making Bruenor, Wulfgar and Catti-brie soon.

  27. Alright fair enough. I look foward to seeing how you would make them as well. Oh and entreri and regis as well? I was also wondering the best site to print the cards you make I am highly interested in them.

  28. Yours costs way too much, it shouldn’t be so expensive seeing as how its abilities cost mana, 4 coloured mana and 2 colourless is not worth the card, a coloured mana is the equivalent of 2 colorless mana colorless being standard, so a rough idea in relation to other cards, he has the equivalent of 10 mana cost, way too much. Even cards like the myojins, and prince of thralls arn’t that much and they have constant effects

  29. The Myojin of Cleansing fire has a cost of 5WWW. If I use your method of counting, that would make it cost 11 mana. Honestly I don’t know where the idea of colored mana costing two generic mana comes from. Sure, it’s definitely harder to cast than 4WG, but like I said I don’t like the idea of Drizzt being splashable in say, a BW or RG deck.

    Sure, it’s harder to cast, but I’m not going after a tournament-level card here. In fact I really miss the days when cards were more strange and fun than “OMG THIS TOTALLY KICKS ASS.”

    In any case, my version still is an improvement over the original. After all, I was trying to strike a balance between him being usable at all and retaining his iconic abilities.

  30. mhm, sorry, i did have some mistakes, the main reason i think your’s costs too much is that it’s abilities also cost mana, i was mistaken too i though the myojin of cleansing fire was 3WWW, my mistake.

    My main point of 2 colorless costing 1 colored comes from cards like Reaper king which is hybrid. you can either pay one of each colour or substitute any colour for 2 colourless.
    Personally i think id rate your card as 5WG.

    I do think that’s drizzt should have something that gives him protection form red… Icing death does do just that… but it would be hard to work in there… also almost no cards have protection these days

    I like the way your’s works, although trample seems a little off to me for drizzt. Your’s is also worded like the magic cards

  31. I looked for this magic card in every shop i found. But none of these shops has this card. I’ll be very happy if someone cuold tell me how to found a shop to buy this card.
    The best is an online shop because im from germany^^

  32. Sorry, I made it with Magic Set Editor. It doesn’t really exist as an official card. The only way to get a hard copy of it is to download this image, print it out and paste it on a card. ^_^;

  33. Oh, thats the reason that I didn’t find it.
    So I’ll print it, and paste it on a card I need no more.^^°

  34. I think the red casting cost is PERFECTABLY ACCEPTABLE AND MAKES SENSE!!
    You see, when Drizzt left Menzoberranzan and abanded his people, he lived in the Underdark for a good couple of years. One whole book is devoted to his time in the underdark.
    To survive in this horrid place, a darker side of him activated, a reckless side. This primal, reckless side of him makes sense for a little red cost to be put in.
    I believe that the mana cost is probably a little bit too high (on the original), but he should have a high attack, and more attack than defense, since in the books he pwns hard but still gets damaged a good amount.
    Everything is fine on the original except he should probably get protection from red instead of black, since one of his swords actually gives him protection from fire and the ability to kill demons better (i believe icingdeath is the sword that does that).

    • The name alone of his primal side is enough to make it green. “The Hunter.” Besides, search for the word “Primal” on gatherer.wizards.com. All of the results you’ll get are green. The Hunter is an “I will survive whatever it takes” mechanism, not a “OMG I PWNS j00 ALL” mechanism. That’s why if you’ll notice, most Green buffs give pluses to both power and toughness. Red almost never adds to toughness, and sometimes even subtracts from it.

      Let’s not think of green as “the furry little squirrels gathering acorns in the forest.” Let’s think of green as the grizzlies in the forest, the trampling elephants, the immortality of nature. Drizzt doesn’t need red.

      As for Icingdeath, I’d rather separate its effects onto another card, just how Toshi Umezawa’s Jitte magic is separate and represented on the Umezawa’s Jitte card.

  35. You have made an awesome card. I do agree that Guenhwyvar should be removed from play at the end of each turn and that Drizzt should not tap to summon her. Other than those two minor issues, the card is perfect. You should work for wizards in their R&D. Maybe we could get this card for real in a future set. (Here’s to hope) I was wondering if you are still working on creating the rest of his clan Bruenor, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Regis. I can’t wait to see those. You rock and thank you so much!

    • Thanks! I’ve always wanted to be a game designer, though my life’s calling is currently in education. I try to incorporate my interests into my work, since I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like having a compartmentalized life. In any case, I’ll probably work on the others in the near future once my current D&D campaign finishes.

  36. He is ferocious enough to have red in him? ya?? Wizards made him so why question this?

  37. Ferocity is not exclusive to red. Take a look at Akroma, Angel of Wrath and tell me she’s not ferocious.

    Besides, this card was fanmade. There is NO SUCH THING AS AN OFFICIAL DRIZZT DO’URDEN CARD.

  38. I am a huge fan of Drizt and Magic and i just wanted to say awesome idea who’s ever it was origanaly and keepp up the goos wokk

  39. yep I thought it was a really good idea to cus i love magic and the drizzt series but i can’t buy it unluckily so ya that sucks but any way my friend just started yesterday and hes on sojurn
    p.s and J.r.r ur obviuosly not a fan so shut the hell up u ass

  40. Hrmmm, I’d put it more like this;

    Mana Cost: 1RGW

    – Red: Drizzt is a passionate fiery character, he lives his life for adventure, and has a part of him that is dangerous and wild. While he attempts to sublimate this part of his being on occasion he slips up and the primal side of him known as “The Hunter” shows (the hunter would accurately be described as R/G). Red could also be used to describe drizzt’s innate untrained skills, while they are tempered and shaped by his white and green aspects.
    – Green: Drizzt Follows Meilikki, the goddess of the forest and is a ranger in her name, he has an animal companion in guenhwyvar and revere’s all things natural. This is his primary colour as he lives his life by Meilikki’s way. He is kind and compassionate, but willing to accept that life and death must coexist.
    – White: This represents drizzts discipline and his honour. He believes in an exceptionally disciplined and balanced fighting style, and trained rigourously to achieve his pinnacle of skill. He is ultimately good, and follows a code of justice and honour to which he adhere’s strongly, believing that no price is to high for the saving of a single soul.

    As for the actual cost, anything higher than 4 wouldn’t represent drizzts fast ability to get into the fray and 1 mana of each of the three colours is an easy cost to pay by the fourth turn. Anything less though would unbalance the card, a 3 powered double striker on the 3rd turn, 2nd with acceleration would be WAY too much.

    Power/Toughness 3/2 – Drizzt is physically weak, although fast, clever and skilled, he is just an elf, so we use the vanilla elf template of 2/2 and raise it to a 3/2 to represent this. All his other abilities will be represented later.

    Type: Legendeary Creature – Elf Ranger, he is of course a legend, and ranger is his class type which is how magic is doing it these days. Although warrior could fit just as well, elf fits because drow are also elves and as previously mentioned MtG doesn’t differentiate between subspecies

    Keyword Abilities:

    – Haste, Drizzt is blinding fast, even without his enchanted bracers on his feet.
    – Double Strike, Drizzt dual wields and should strike before his opponents, this is accurate both in theme and as a card.
    – Vigilance, Again it makes sense, he is as strong defensively as he is on offense and is ever ready to perform both

    COLOR PIE: as far as the colour pie goes, haste is a red ability, vigilance is a green/white ability, double strike appears on all three colours, though mostly on red/white, green will be represented more strongly shortly

    Activated Abilities
    – 4G, Put a green 4/4 Legendary – “Spirit Panther” named Guenhwyvar into play with vanishing 3, trample and haste into play.

    I like the combo because drizzt is a super powered card for low mana, who can be taken out though by a large number of spells (accurate drizzt is bad against magic, as the novels show), but creatures will have a hard time stopping him. He himself hasn’t got trample so delaying tactics and chump blocking work against him (similar to the way he tends to get tied up fighting smaller enemies in the novels). Not to mention his stats are accurate in that while damaging, without help he isn’t about to defeat something like a dragon alone.

    Also, if you wanted to, and if he survives until the following turn, with just one more mana you can put guenhwyvar into play for 3 turns, now guenwhyvar has vanishing, which accurately represents her in the novels, she’s quick and stronger than drizzt physically. Trample makes sense on guen, as does a nice fat 4/4 body. In addition when she goes to the graveyard, all drizzt has to do is summon her again, which is again true to the novel.

    The combination of which makes drizzt a decent card early on, who can be removed quite easily (there’s the card balance for you), and who if he lasts a turn can be a serious threat. In addition if you have 9 mana in the late game, you can plonk both drizzt and guen into play, both with haste, allowing you to dish out a good 10 damage with them, quite nice and deadly, just as drizzt is.

    Now I don’t think it’s overpowered as Rafiq of the Many is the closest card I can think of in both terms of cost and theme. he has one more toughness, and his exalted and double strike make him a 4/4 on the attack, but he also buffs other allies or himself, which is probably in line with Drizzt’s individual power level comparatively.

    • Thanks for the reply. This comment is a breath of fresh air after all the “OMG U MADE HIM 2 WEEK U SUK LOL” comments I got further back.
      I find it strange that Drizzt is weak against magic, though. Drow get natural Spell Resistance and as elves, they have bonuses to saves vs. Enchantment school spells.
      I also still have difficulty making him a tri-color card, but if he had to be one, WGR would be the most accurate. Adding black to the mix just doesn’t make any sense at all, “just because he’s drow.”

  41. I think Drizzt does need to be a little stronger. I agree he’d have trouble killing powerful creatures, but I think he needs something that would make him super effective versus many weak creatures. I think he should be more like this:
    Drizzt Do’Urden
    2RGW- 2/3 Legendary Creature – Elf Ranger
    Double Strike
    Drizzt Do’Urden can’t be the target of red of black spells.
    Whenever Drizzt Do’Urden becomes blocked, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each creature blocking it.
    3RGW – Put a legendary 4/2 green Panther creature with first strike and shroud named Guenhwyvar into play.

    Notice Drizzt isn’t that good a blocker, he can’t even block a 3/3 creature without dying. Even though Drizzt is good all around in the books I still think he is much better with on the attack than attempting to defend. He is devestating on the attack versus weaker creatures,reflecting his excellent infiltration and stealth capabilities. A 7/7 can kill Drizzt and live, but against Drizzt and Guenhwyvar the 7/7 would die and both Drizzt and Guenwyvar survive. The protection from red and black spells keeps him from dying to Incinerate and Terror, I was thinking about adding “Drizzt Do’Urden is black” to make cards like Nekrataal ineffective against him. Right now Nekrataal can still kill him easily, which doesn’t make much sense to me considering Drizzt is strong against assassins.
    I’ll admit, him and Guenhwyvar together might be a bit strong, but it takes 6 mana to get Guenwhwyvar in play. Even thought Guenwyvar has is limited by time in the books and such, I’d say in Magic the battle probably is considered to only be about a few hours max anyway so she doesn’t need any ability to limit it in Magic. Also, a 2/1 First Strike Youthful Knight can deal with Guenwyvar pretty easily. Drizzt might not need Double Strike either, even though it fits him well First Strike might be more balanced. I picked 2/3 as his P/T since 3/2 would make him weak to Pyroclasm and things like Bogardan Firefiend which I think Drizzt can survive.
    I don’t think haste makes much sense on Drizzt, haste represents recklessness in Magic more than speed, it represents being summoned through magical means and being ready to attack immediately, I think Drizzt is more cautious than to pop though a magical portal then go running right into the fray. Not to mention haste is a very powerful ability that I think makes him too powerful. Vigilance also doesn’t make that much sense to me, Drizzt isn’t known for his endurance as much as his stealth assault abilities.

  42. has any one here heard of the card heart seeker its really good and i really want it

  43. I think he should have first strike no questions asked. He is much quicker than any foe esp with his magical anklets.

  44. what a great thread! I really like the second treatment of Drizzt. Part of Drizzt’s problem is he is somewhat of a Mary
    Sue, especially now that he is accepted in most of the realms and doesn’t have the racial drawback. So I’m glad he wasn’t made to powerful, because as powerful as he sounds in the books, he’d still get fed his scimatars by most of the ‘fattys’ in mtg.

    I wouldn’t get bogged down in what his equipment does, the scimatars, the braclets, etc. As someone said that can be handled by equipment. I’d like to see the damage prevention ability switched to double-strike, although I don’t know any non-red doublestrike cards. Their probably are. I like the trample pump.

    There is a card in the alara reborn set called Marisi’s Twinclaws that I think would serve as a good proxy for Drizzt. Magic cards are better when they are simpler, and to many legends are crappy because they try and cram to much into them, like the OP point about Bolas.

    But some great ideas! Not enough is done with the FR IP.

  45. hey you need to check your facts Drizzt is 33rd level. Which, by D&D standards, is epic level. Check the Forgotten Realms wiki. I’m a real Drizzt fan as well as a magic and D&D player so check it out and read all the books if you havent already.

  46. oh i see i was going by the forgotten realms wiki which is 3.5 i think or 4.0 one or the other. so thats cool, you should still read all the books too, that is if you haven’t yet.

  47. Hrmmm some vurrry interesting thoughts here on this thread…

    Ok, here’s my take for what it’s worth:

    1WGGR casting cost

    Gotta give kudos to Chris, he stated exactly what I had been thinking as I was reading the previous posts in regards to why Drizzt should also be red. He is a restless adventurer, and though he seems to be growing more weary of bloodshed with each book (just recently finished The Pirate King!), he is definitely comfortable in the battlefield, as well as comfortable wandering the forests or upholding justice in a civilized setting.

    I gave him GG in his casting cost cause I figured that’s still his dominant side; once he forsook his innate drow temperaments he started acting more and more like a surface elf. 5 mana isn’t that tough for a green-focused multicolored deck, and for what I think his abilities should be he needs a 5 cost.

    I would give him a P/T of 3/4, and I feel I have to throw in my thoughts on the debate about whether he is an offensive/defensive minded fighter. In the books, although he can dispatch lesser enemies very easily and quickly, when he has to face a more capable foe he often relies on strategy and quick thinking to turn the tide, not just a relentless assault. His dual scimitars, although masterfully crafted, are not designed for brute strength and devastating single attacks, they are designed for a fighter who knows how to slowly wear down his opponent with many strikes and shallow cuts before finally setting up a killing blow. Although not physically strong, his defense is masterful and his agility high enough so that he could defeat or avoid most attacks. When it comes down to it though, even if he is hit with an attack, he has a surprising resilience and a high tolerance for pain, not to mention a powerfully enchanted mithril chain shirt. He is a warrior, yes, but more so he is a survivor; in fact he has ran from a number of fights he knew he could not win.

    Legendary creature obviously – I’d say Elf Ranger. He is too complex a character to be just a warrior, and his stealth tactics tend to funnel him more towards the ranger route.

    Passive abilities:

    -Haste: from his red side, and it has to do with his physical speed, but more importantly his mental speed. He is able to make lifesaving moves in the blink of an eye, and is rarely caught unawares. The book describes so many times when he is woken up by the slightest sound and is on his feet a blink of an eye later, scimitars in hand. Also, there’s a couple of situations in the books where Drizzt is literally thrown into an alternate plane (he makes a visit to Tartarus in one of the more recent novels) and he must fight off streams of denizens the very second he steps through the gate, so that right there pretty much gives concrete proof for him having haste.

    -First Strike, from his white side, I dont think I need to go into much detail here…

    -Protection from red, cause he’s a billy badass and Icingdeath pwns red magic. Incidentally, it doesn’t just deter fire or fire magic, it also protects Drizzt somewhat from any kind of attack from a creature that is red-oriented, an has a particular hunger for blood of a red-oriented creature. Demons for instance, hate Icingdeath because many of them are red-oriented. This is one ability that I could be open to leaving out because it is not innate, but could be gained if Drizzt is equipped with his toys. I still feel though, that he beats up more on red-oriented creatures more than anything else and barely ever even gets scrapes from giants or whatnot.

    Triggered abilities:

    -When Drizzt Do’Urden is blocked, he gains +1/+1 for every creature blocking him

    Activated abilities:

    -G: Drizzt Do’Urden gains shroud until end of turn. I decided to explain both of these abilities in the same paragraph to make it easier, they’re both essentially green abilities but also come from his natural talents. Something yall are missing is that when Drizzt brings out his Hunter side, it is pretty much almost purely a defensive mechanism. He doesn’t bust it out to go berserk and super-saiyan slice villains in half, he uses it to survive situations that most assuredly should have killed him. Also, he seems to have kind of a frenzy ability, as in the more foes you throw at him (such as, say, a Thousand Orcs) the more he seems to tap into his primal reserves. His globe of darkness and bracer-enhanced speed also lend to his ability to give himself shroud. Anyways, on to his trusty partner…

    -2G: Put a legendary 4/4 green Spirit Cat creature token into play named Gwenhwyvar. It has trample and haste. Remove it from the game at the end of turn. Ok, I’m very tempted to instead of phasing Gwen out, giving her the ‘ol “If Gwenhwyvar becomes the target of any spell or ability, remove it from the game” because she has been nullified a few times from magic-users. It would be kinda Jewish, but balanced and sticks to the story.

    Basically, Drizzt as a magic card would be similar to Drizzt in the books: really hard to get rid of, deadly if met in combat, and wouldn’t win entire battles on his own, but would turn the tide greatly in favor of his side’s forces. By the way, I didn’t really put in anything relating to his Faerie Fire ability, but it’s not really used that often and doesn’t have much practicality in battle.

    Incidentally, I’d be really interested to see someone else through in a card for Bruenor or Wulfgar, perhaps even Entreri. Hate to say it, but Cattie-Brie would probably make a weakass magic card. Let’s see ’em J.R.R.!

  48. grrr I had a fairly long little discourse on this topic and tried posting it but I guess it didn’t get the administrator approval or something.

  49. Just a side comment, in one of salvatores later books, he made some subtle suggestions that maybe lolth favors drizzt =D maybe this make a slight change, if not then tis at least an interesting notion, that the ‘hunter’ is actually a lolth given power

  50. Found this while looking up stuff on Drizzt. I personaly agree with Christopher’ assesment of what the card should be like. And I am playing Magic with cards from the new Zendikar sets, and there is this new kind of card- Equipment Artifacts, along with the new creature type of Kor, who are White and are very good with Equipments. One of these is the Gappleing Hook, which grants Double-Strike. Icingdeath could be made into an Equipment. There are also lots of white creatures with First-Strike, so it isn’t too hard to imagine a RWG having D-S.

  51. is there really a drizzt magic card ive seen a few versions of the card on google can someone plz let me know and what set all of the versions come in i really want the card or cards of him

  52. Why tap? It takes like 5 seconds in a fight for Drizzt to do that.

    Also Double Stike makes complete sense for him. He’s got dual scimitars, and he’s just that awesome that he needs that.

    And shouldn’t there be a “G/W/1: target creature cannot block until the end of the turn” for globe of darkness?

  53. Drizzt is an overall hero. it only took me 3 months to read through ALL his books and im about to start Neverwinter book 2. Drizzt does need to be alittle more powerful and needs more abilities. I myself am a Magic the gathering geek and I know what im talking about. Take out the Trample and Rampage and Give him haste and Phasing. Just think of the real Drizzt in the books and create him out of that. (:

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