The Traitor In The Midst

Current System Configuration: Heroic? Inspired?
The Tower from Avantasia: The Metal Opera
I’m Abandoned from My Utmost For His Highest: The Musical. And no, it’s not an emo song. It’s a beautiful hymn, and I feel it suits my knightly disposition a lot.
I’m abandoned to the captain/of the mighty host of heaven/and I pledge Him my allegiance/till the Earth beholds His Kingdom

[Breakfast]: Whole wheat pandesal with cheese omelet and vienna sausage
[Lunch:] Bolognese pasta and salad
[Dinner] Chicken macaroni soup and pork loin schnitzel
[Coffee] Homemade mocha and Starbucks peppermint mocha frappuccino.
[Starbucks planner promo stickers:]
Christmas Features: *****
Regular Beverages: *****
Total: 10/21

Current Read:
Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. Still not done. Hope to finish it tonight so I can move on to other books.

Okay, you might have been expecting a serious post with a title like that. Unfortunately, I’ll have to disappoint you as this is another anime-related geek post.

I’ve been watching a new anime, entitled Code Geass – Lelouche of the Rebellion. The premise of the story is that The Holy Britannia Empire (assumed to be what Great Britain would have become had they succeeded suppressing the American Revolution) attacked and subjugated Japan, destroying its national identity and reducing its people to outcasts in their own land. Japan was renamed “Area 11,” and its people, “Elevens.”

Lelouche Lamperouge, a Britannian youth living in Area 11, is full of hate for the Empire despite his heritage, and seeks to destroy it completely. He meets a mysterious young woman who gives him the power of Geass, a hypnotic/psionic domination ability that he projects from his left eye. He’s able to control people with it and uses it to sow chaos among the ranks of the Britannian army. I’m only up to episode 6 right now (a totally hilarious episode), but so far a lot of secrets and mysteries have been revealed. If you want to spoil yourself, go read the Wikipedia article.

Code Geass has impressed me so far—the voice acting is excellent, the art is well-done (although at first the CLAMP-designed “noodle people” take some getting used to), and the mecha designs (called Knightmare Frames) are interesting.

What I really appreciate is that the mechs are not an in-your-face aspect of the story. They’re in the background most of the time, and although there are extremely powerful elite Knightmare Frames (Lancelot and Princess Cornelia’s personal Knightmare), they’re not overpowered flying weapon platforms that can lay waste to several dozen enemy grunts in a single attack.

Most of the story is centered around Lelouche and his struggles to keep his identity as a masked revolutionary secret while remaining a normal Britannian high school student. (Often with silly consequences) There are lots of lighthearted moments (courtesy of the student council president Millais Ashford and her subordinates), which offset the more serious conflict between Lelouche’s revolutionary rhetoric and Britannian elitism.

I find that in general, Code Geass shares elements with V for Vendetta (lone masked revolutionary against a tyrannical pseudo-religious government), Gundam SEED/SEED-D (Naturals vs Coordinators is similar to Britannians vs Elevens; then there’s Lelouche’s deep bitterness and desire for revenge), and  the original Mobile Suit Gundam (The Emperor’s Conflict Evolution theory sounds a lot like the Zeonic philosophy of evolution)–but mix in some lighthearted high school comedy into that. I’m quite amused by Code Geass, and I highly recommend it. Subbed episode torrents can be found at Tokyotosho.

Revolt at your own risk,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 20, 2006.

7 Responses to “The Traitor In The Midst”

  1. …You forgot to mention the fact that Sugiyama Noriaki is the seiyuu of one of the characters of Code Geass. D: Oh well, it’s not like the character he voices plays a big role. Though he’s the seiyuu of Ishida from Bleach, no one will probably care. He isn’t even that good-looking anyway.

    But still. *fangirls like crazy*

    …Suzaku’s seiyuu is also Cloud’s seiyuu. o_o *otaku*

    …and I haven’t even watched the series yet. I’m sorry for using ellipses. It’s become a habit of mine. Blame Kate! :O

  2. LOL, i only saw that last part today @_@
    …anyway. *late reaction* why me? it’s not my fault ellipses are so contagious… XD; */late reaction*
    …there XD;

  3. Hi.
    Good design, who make it?

  4. If you’re referring to the blog skin, it’s ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso. If you’re referring to the banner, I made it myself.

  5. As an unashamed Geass fan, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. It would be interesting to learn what you think of the direction the plot takes as the first season draws to a close. You have an interesting blog, to say the least.

  6. Mmf, just after I hit submit I noticed that this is an old post. Sorry for writing that comment as though the post was current.

  7. No problems. I’m already following R2 myself. It’s been a good ride, and I just love how they throw “WTH?!!”s at the audience. There are deficiencies, but I like the depth of the twists and turns all throughout.

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