Jinggoy Estrada on “Deal or No Deal”

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Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. Still not done.

What on earth is a senator doing on a game show? We all know Erap and his children are filthy rich. So why is he there?

He says he’ll donate the money to San Juan if he wins. Yeah, how do we know that’s going to happen? Why do Kris Aquino and the Banker have to be so patronizing? And why does he have to join a game show just to get more money for San Juan? Doesn’t that show how pathetic our government is?

Calm down, Black Lion.

I know the government is established by God, good government or bad.  (Romans 13) Still, it honestly gets harder and harder to believe a government like this—and I’m a government employee. Of course it gets more painful to see this circus in action.

Nevertheless, love always hopes, always perseveres. By God’s grace, I pray something that makes these guys better happens soon.

Bad Government is still better than No Government,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 23, 2006.

5 Responses to “Jinggoy Estrada on “Deal or No Deal””

  1. Sir, I’m also watching it XD The P2,000,000 is in case 1. I don’t know what will he do to the money he’ll win. Sir, it’s hard to get a big amount in the gameshow anyway. I think they’ll say “it’s for the experience.” which is true because it’s hard to be in a gameshow like that. We don’t even know who banker is. Maybe he’s Big Brother. . .

    – ALviN

  2. Sir he’s losing. He either gets 750 or 500 pesos. I guess he wont be donating that anymore.

  3. he got owned. hahaha

    i noticed something – he’s starting to look more and more like erap. 😀

  4. i should’ve seen that. XD

  5. didn’t watch that episode, lol. i think i was asleep that time. 😀

    honestly, why did jinggoy join? weird.

    just passing by.

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