Massive Update

Current System Configuration: VACATION, downloading patches for Neverwinter Nights 2
Heart of the Brave by Freedom Call
Bring It On by Steven Curtis Chapman

[Breakfast]: Pancakes with brown sugar
[Lunch:] Lemon-butter tuna on whole wheat
[Dinner] Baked macaroni
[Coffee] Homebrew and Starbucks Usual
[Starbucks planner promo stickers:]
Cards Completed: 1. Now on my second.
Christmas Features: *****
Regular Beverages: *******
Total: 12/21
Current Read/s:
Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss
Inkspell by Cornelia Funke
The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore

Okay, now that school is done for the year, I’ve got a lot to add to my blog.

Neverwinter Nights 2

This is a totally awesome game. Given that I’ve been reading up on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 recently, I’ve come to a deeper understanding of how D&D-based computer RPGs work. Since the actual pen-and-paper D&D game allows for a very large amount of character customization, Neverwinter Nights 2 follows. The game’s deeply immersive, the dialogue and voice acting is superb, and the action is quite challenging. The only drawback is that the game’s requirements are MASSIVE. My laptop has a hard time running it, so I have to play it at lowest resolution for it to run smoothly. It still works quite well, though. A great game overall–if you can actually get it to run. In the days to follow I’ll say more about Dungeons & Dragons, which is a controversial game, to say the least; at least in Christian circles.

Books, books, books
As you can see my reading list has tripled in size. I’m more than halfway through Eats, Shoots and Leaves now,
while I’m just starting on Inkspell. My boss was actually able to secure a copy of R.A. Salvatore’s The Crystal Shard for me, which I greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Ma’am Anna!

Eats, Shoots and Leaves has been a very good read so far. It’s not so much a book on grammar rules as a book that tells you to only use punctuation marks that you actually know how to use. Punctuation marks, just like words, are deadly when in the hands of a fool. They can actually kill someone if misplaced in a law or verdict. Remember, while words give a sentence its depth, punctuation marks give it direction.

Regarding the two fiction books I’m reading: Still too early to tell whether I like them or not. I have very high expectations for both, though. I hope they live up to the hype.

AME Matsuri

UP’s Anime and Manga Enthusiasts org has a Japanese-style festival (Matsuri) today at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. I really wanted to go, but unfortunately the powers that be are only giving me my monthly dues on Monday. πŸ˜› So yeah, no more money. Too bad. The event’s only for today, so if you see this and are interested, you’d better go! D:

Here’s the website.

That’s it for today. Expect deeper entries in the days to come. Boredom does that to you.

On Vacation and Relishing It,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on December 9, 2006.

7 Responses to “Massive Update”

  1. sir, post our lt scores XD

  2. conrad, no!

    anyway, merry christmas, sir! πŸ˜€

  3. hi sir πŸ˜€
    …i have a wordpress now o_O
    oh, yeah, and merry christmas, sir~ πŸ˜€

  4. …okay, posted wrong XD;
    *copy-paste XD*
    …um, hi sir πŸ˜€
    …i have a wordpress now o_O;
    oh, yeah, and merry christmas, sir~ πŸ˜€
    */copy-paste XD*

  5. Merry Christmas Sir!

  6. Merry Christmas too, sir!!! Happy New Year!!! πŸ˜€

  7. Merry Christmas Sir! I was there at the AME Matsuri… UP Optics covered the event. I was hoping I could see you there but I didn’t. Oh well. Hope to see you around. πŸ˜€

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