The Death of Plural Nouns

Current System Configuration: VACATION, just back from Tagaytay

-nothing in particular right now

[Breakfast]: Farmer’s ham, garlic fried rice and carabao milk cheese (kesong puti)
[Lunch:] Leftover beef steak and rice
[Dinner] Sourdough batard
[Coffee] Tall single no-whip mocha frappuccino, twice blended.

Current Reading List:
Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss (Should finish this tomorrow)
The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore
(Took out Promise of the Witch King because I want to read the first book of the Sellsword Trilogy first)

Back from an overnight at Canyonwoods in Tagaytay. A most beautiful place; the wind was fresh and strong, and although the clouds were low and blanketed everything in a layer of dew, I had a relaxing little nook in the basement of the house to share with my trusty laptop.

Yesterday morning was spent driving to the tourist town–no traffic, no problems. Spent some time in the heated pool and the jacuzzi, then I spent most of the afternoon playing my second run through Neverwinter Nights 2. More on this later.

I have a couple of Deviantart photos (link will follow, DA doesn’t seem to want to upload) taken there.

On the way home, we ran into the following signs. (I wish I’d taken pictures, I was too groggy to do so.)

The Two Brother (Painted onto a jeepney’s tail flap)

The Black Lion thinks: If there are two of them, what happened to the other one?

Get high on grade, not drug (Slogan of some misguided local politician)

The Black Lion thinks: Obviously, this guy’s grades in English were not very high.

I got quite a few laughs out of that. Anyway, I loved that break. I was glad to get away from the city at last.

What follows is related to Neverwinter Nights 2 and is full of spoilers. Skip if averse to spoilers or not interested.

As I’ve said earlier, I’m now on my second run. Instead of playing as a human, I decided to try one of the more challenging level-adjusted races: Aasimar. (Aasimar are humans with angel blood.)

Terazel Ras’Algethi
Race: Aasimar
Alignment: Lawful Good
Starting Ability Scores:
Planned Class Progression: Paladin/Duelist
Background Trait: The Flirt
Standard Equipped Weapons: Rapier and Dagger aka Main-Gauche (Two-Weapon Style)
Current Equipped Weapons:
MAIN HAND: Bahamut’s Blazing Rebuke +3, crafted rapier. 1d6+3 damage; +2d6 damage to Evil creatures.
Criticals: 15-20, x2 + Massive Critical (1d10)
OFF HAND: The Nightthief’s Nimbleknife +2, magic dagger. Gives Two Weapon Fighting feat and a Tumble skill bonus.

I wanted to challenge myself with this new character, so I chose to make her take a Paladin/Duelist progression. Far from the typical Paladin, all heavily-armored and brandishing a massive sword, I decided to make a finesse-based Paladin who isn’t supposed to wear armor. Little Terry here is a pretty girl (silver hair, golden cat-eyes and golden, aesthetically-pleasing facial birthmarks) who puts up a cute, naive front in order to get what she wants—which happens to be honorable and good. (A little twist on the typical Paladin’s charisma)

If she has to resort to fighting, she ends up dealing tremendous critical hit damage with her rapier and main-gauche: a small, precise stroke where it counts is sometimes all that is needed. I have to say—getting the Holy attribute (+2d6 vs Evil) added to your weapon early is VERY HELPFUL. (Most of the enemies in the official campaign of NWN2 are evil anyway). The Rapier’s inherently wide critical hit range (18-20) makes up for its low damage of 1d6, but using the Improved Critical feat increases this already considerable crit range to 15-20 (I know it’s supposed to be 16-20, I don’t know how I got 15-20)—then add Precise Strike (+1d6) and Flourish (+2d6) to that!
Now I know that most of the enemies later in the game are undead (thus immune to critical hits), but the satisfaction that demonslaying with Terry is undeniable. (I’ll post a screenie eventually.)

Because Terry has a high Diplomacy rank, she was able to pull her way through the Trial event quite well. She was pronounced innocent by Lord Nasher.

Another huge improvement in this run: Managed to make Khelgar a Monk. More subtle and sane than his original fighter self, but devastating in melee. FIVE attacks per round at +18/+18/+18/+18/+9 attack bonus!

Anyway, I’ll post all the necessary pictures when the internet stabilizes completely. It’s still pretty messed-up after that Taiwan quake, but at least some pages load at all.

Waiting for the New Year while defending the English language,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on December 30, 2006.

5 Responses to “The Death of Plural Nouns”

  1. Hi Joey.

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year.

    And another 365 days fly by …

  2. hi sir! happy new year! 😀

    lol, sir, those signs are hilarious. *suddenly remembers this book she once, er, “read”*


    maaarz signing out.

  3. happy new year sir!

    were you really at tagaytay? i was too! and did you see the awesome fireworks there?

  4. I was only there from 29 to 30. We left early because we didn’t want to get caught in traffic (and we had a celebration planned here). We might celebrate the new year in Tagaytay next year, though.

  5. Happy New Year, bro!

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