Triumph or Agony

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Dawn Over a New World by Dragonforce
Above the Winter Moonlight by Dragonforce
Triumph or Agony by Rhapsody of Fire

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The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore

Dear students, the time for your plays is coming. I’m very pleased that you are more prepared than my classes last year, and I highly doubt any of them will be a spectacular failure. But I am sure that even now, tempers are smoldering, tones of voice are getting sharper (and so are words), and visions of the future are becoming dark, gloomy and downright disastrous.

Look. This is where perseverance comes in. People may have frightening visions of the future, the lights control panel may decide to give up at the worst possible time, and many other unforeseen circumstances may arise—but you just have to deal with them. Steel yourselves, rise to the fight—the battle hasn’t been decided yet. You can do this—I believe in all of you, as cheesy as it sounds. True—I scourged you with whips, and I may begin to scourge you with scorpions—but on the day itself, I will stand there with you, do battle alongside you, and share in whatever you accomplish—triumph or agony.

Please read last year’s pre-play entry.

And may I repeat that closing remark:

Actors, may you internalize, not just memorize, your lines.
Production, may you paint and craft and sweat your world into being.
Lights and tech people, may your timing never falter, and your power supply never get cut.
Propsmen and women, may your arms never fail you, and may your legs never buckle beneath the weight of your burden. May your steps be sure, swift, and silent.
Directors, may you be tough but loving, firm but understanding, patient but unwavering.
Lastly, dear students, may your plays be wonderful works of art that you will remember for the rest of your lives. I know I will.

Pressing on towards the goal with you,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on January 18, 2007.

8 Responses to “Triumph or Agony”

  1. hello sir. yeah, i do hope our play will be successful. πŸ˜› don’t worry, sir, i won’t let you down. i do hope the others won’t let you down too. πŸ˜€ thanks for the support!

    maaarz signing out.

  2. Sir, we do appreciate the encouraging sentiments, but I’m pretty sure we are not in the slightest doubting ourselves at this stage (even if the lights panel DID in fact choose to kill us with its own remarkably timed death- Is this a test by the English department?)
    Garnet is functioning on 50% skill, 50% practice, and 200% morale. You can count on us not to give up. Trimph, not agony, for SURE.

  3. hewo sir… looks like this year’s plays will be more successful than last years… but hey, we did okay naman rin e!! kahit medyo crammed siya it ended out okay!!! all’s well that ends well!!! (words from a longtime crammer) πŸ˜›

    looking forward to the plays… i’ll be covering it for the science scholar, apparently… i’m sure that your sections will be doing great (mana sa teacher, ‘di ba? :D)

    take care! πŸ˜€

    P.S. do drop by our bio and geom booths, please? we desperately need good feedback para sa grades namin… πŸ˜€

  4. The English play… This is definitely one requirement I ACTUALLY remember doing, and enjoying. I can still hear Madam President’s voice nagging me to memorize my lines and deliver like a pro, the writers telling me that i was too much, and the feeling of frustration of trying to get everyone work together for this requirement…

    Everyone was at each others necks trying to urge the class to pull it together, we all worked what all our butts were worth… and boy were we drained! And at the worst possible moment, on the day of the play, I felt horrible. My head hurted like hell and I don’t even remember how many times i felt acids going up my throat, my classmates were calling my house like crazy… which didn’t really make me feel any better. The only reason I had enough power to go to school that day was the voice of my dear classmate crying… I just hate it when a girl cries because of me!!!

    Anyhow I managed to arrive in school, drowsy and all. When I arrived I found my whole class and the almighty sir joey there inside our classroom. I was trembling inside because i thought that they had finished the performance and i wasn’t needed anymore, but instead I found myself engulfed with hugs, encouragement, line rehearsals, costume check, and genuine support from ALL of them! And according to what i have heard from the audience, that was all it took for a great performance.

    Just you remember to work as a Class united and NOT just a bunch of students working to get a high mark.

    Oh yeah sir, may you have even more successful play than last year!!! πŸ˜›

  5. so sir, what do you think of the plays now? XD

  6. yeah sir, update πŸ˜€

    whem we were talking about the plays we asked each other about what the three best plays were. someone said “dia, garnet and jade” XD

  7. *waits ever so impatiently for an update*

  8. sir, update, please? we’re waiting. :))

    hehe. πŸ˜›

    maaarz signing out.

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