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Prepare For War by Dragonforce
Kaidoku Funou (解読不能)by Jinn (2nd OP of Code Geass)
Cautionary Warning by John Sykes (OP of Legend of Black Heaven/Kachou Ouji)

[Breakfast]: pancakes
[Lunch:] Jollibee’s double yum with TLC
[Dinner] fettuccine with meat sauce
[Coffee] Venti single mocha frap, no whip, 2x blended. It’s always 2x blended.
Current Reading List:
That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis (Yes, I intend to finish it this time!)
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. (I need to make a long test)

First of all I want to apologize for taking a century and a score to update my blog. The past few weeks have been full of activity—the plays, new lessons, and also a lot of time spent playing Neverwinter Nights 2 to keep me sane. That and uploading pictures is tedious. Anyway, let’s get on with today’s update, shall we?

The Plays

The English plays were successful for the most part, and we think the improvements we made to the program this year really helped. The students also poured in a lot of effort (at least from what I could tell) and all three of my classes did end up successful at the very least. Arghs decided to end up giving out awards anyway, so we came up with a new set of awards that would hopefully become a tradition: The Freppies. (Short for FREshman Plays.) Of course, the winners will be secret until Monday–I think some people already know who’ll win anyway.

I’d like to officially congratulate Jade, Garnet and Diamond once more for their performances. I know you put your blood and sweat into it, and I’m really happy with how you guys took my criticism, as scathing as it sometimes was. I’m proud of you.

Here are some pictures. Contact me over YM for the password. I want some semblance of control over who gets these pics.

Best quotes in my opinion:

<Scientist> There’s a fire!<Scientist 2> Where?! <Scientist> In my heart~ ❤ (Both scientists hug) –from Splat, by I-Topaz.

<Leila> We are the flaw in the flawless system of existence! –from Miss Anthropy, by I-Garnet

<Loki> Whether it’s for good OR evil, they’ll do whatever’s inconvenient for you. Frickin’ annoying, really. –from Miss Anthropy, by I-Garnet

<The Morrigan> Kill her! Kill her! Kill her! –from Double-Edged, by I-Diamond

<The Morrigan> Did you see the look on her face [as you killed her]? Didn’t you find it pleasurable? –from Double-Edged, by I-Diamond

<Guy> Forget about me! <Dying Girl> I…can’t…forget about you. from Panacea, by I-Ruby

<Vertically-challenged heroine> What has she got that I don’t? <Chorus> HEIGHT! –from Mission of the Coalition, by I-Emerald

<Raphael> So what did she tell the authorities? My plan for world conquest? Or was it about the komodo dragons I keep as pets? Or the aliens that live in my backyard? –from Mind Poison, by I-Jade

<Raphael> So what is [the Bermuda Triangle]? Is it really a quadrilateral? <Michael> It’s a trapezoid, actually. And it DOES have a giant particle cannon in it! That’s why no one ever gets out! –from Mind Poison, by I-Jade

The Crystal Shard

I finished R.A. Salvatore’s book. I couldn’t put it down. The action was great, the characters, although not that unique anymore, were fun.

The Crystal Shard being referred to is Crenshinibon, an artifact of immense evil power created by seven liches in the ages past. Unlike most evil artifacts that draw their power from darkness, Crenshinibon draws its power from sunlight–hence making it exceedingly powerful. Instead of the corrupting and absorbing nature of negative energy, it just blows stuff up with light and fire: aspects of positive energy, as far as I can tell. The crystal is also capable of producing a replica of itself that can expand into a full-scale tower which the wielder can use as a base. This said tower, known as a Cryshal-Tirith, can harness the power of the sun to create a powerful beam of light than can incinerate cities in seconds.

The shard ends up in the possession of Akar Kessel, a bumbling mage who falls under the will of Crenshinibon and becomes twisted into a powerful wizard-warlord who seeks to conquer all of Icewind Dale. The similarity between Kefka Palazzo is quite striking. (Insane magic-user who sits atop a magically-constructed tower, burning down cities with a massive disintegration beam).

Drizzt Do’Urden (I’m sure you’ve read my previous entry about him) and his dwarven friend Bruenor Battlehammer take Wulfgar, a young barbarian, under their wings and help him become a powerful, intelligent warrior with a strong sense of honor and good despite his wild blood. The three help the Ten-Towns of Icewind Dale against the massive threat of Akar Kessel and his hordes.

This would probably have been a wonderfully groundbreaking novel back when it first came out (1988), but alas, it doesn’t offer anything new now. Nevertheless, it’s still a very entertaining novel–and even moreso if you’re into Dungeons & Dragons’s Forgotten Realms setting. A great read for any fantasy lover.

Read Or Die

I went on a field trip with the Inkwell kids today, and I had to drive them all the way to the Intercon. (Ugh, I’ll never drive an SUV again.) Our destination was the Read or Die Convention (which is a literary convention that has absolutely nothing to do with the anime/manga of the same title, by the way). Unfortunately, the traffic jam along EDSA ate up most of our time and we didn’t get to do much there apart from ogling at some books.

We did, however, witness an awesome memory technique demonstration by Memorology, a company that has developed memory-enhancement techniques. Of course, all of my students were interested–until I told them that I’d make all the test questions essays if they did. Haha. Hahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHA.

It’s really too bad I didn’t bring any money, though. I did receive a little Pinoy Trivia book by Bong Barrameda for participating in the demo.

My only other souvenir:

Yes, you heard me. Let the spell of ink make your life more interesting.

Reading but still dying,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on February 3, 2007.

7 Responses to “X_x”

  1. the freppies? isnt it the arghs awards? XD

  2. so it’s going to be announced during the assembly? crap. that means i’m actually going to have to come to school— EARLY!!!

  3. Well, Mrs. Oblepias came up with the name, I think. And yes, you have to come to school early. D:

  4. ahahaha, all worth coming to school early XD it was amusing when jade people kept muttering opal when you said “the arward for best play goes to—”

    and sir, no offense, but all the garnet people agree that Franco should’ve gotten best supporting actor, not elvis. but that’s just us.

  5. The thing is, I think, is that Sir Arghs got the impression that Franco was the star.

  6. aharharhar. ohwell. that be life XD

  7. Hi sir!

    The Garnet09 people were actually jumping when you announced the award for the best play thingy… XD

    Hahaha. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch any play due to our integrated project ^_^…

    oh well… XD

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