Farewell to the Flesh

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The flesh is a good slave, but a most vicious master.

I know this quite well. Lately I’ve been exceedingly week in fighting the primal passions that come with the human heart, and our church gave me an idea—to go without some of my regular pleasures for a certain week.

I’m not doing this to prove that I’m “holier” than anyone–I’m doing this precisely because I feel I’ve been quite unholy over the past several months, and that this might get me back on track. Not that I’m trying to “bribe” God or “blackmail” Him–I know He’s forgiven me already–but I want to use this opportunity to sacrifice some things in my life for a while, to deny myself, and throw myself on His grace.

I’ve never really done this before, and honestly I’m quite scared. Still, I think there’s a lot to gain from this experience. As such, I plan to do the following:
1. Food will be restricted to bread every meal, crackers for snacks, and water for every drink.
2. The use of my computer and the internet will be limited to communication (YM and email), work-related stuff (so I’ll still be on the Rex forums), and keeping track of this fasting period (maintaining this blog.) I won’t stop writing in this blog, in fact I plan to be a lot more steadfast in writing stuff during this period.
3. As I need to take some noise out of my life, I will also give up listening to metal during this period.
4. I will also abstain from watching or downloading anime during this period.

This period begins on the 20th of February and ends on the 26th.

Again, this is not some tyrannical rule that my faith is imposing on me. This is a self-imposed regimen that I want to use to commit more time to my Lord–it’s more of a tool than anything. I hope to be able to say a lot more on this blog during that period that will bless my readers here. Remind them of God’s love, remind them of His mercy, and perhaps just make their days a bit lighter. Stay posted.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about an upcoming event: the prom.
The prom is of course, an event that every high school student dreads and looks forward to at the same time—
Yes, continue to pretend you think it’s a dumb idea and that you don’t want to go. I know better. I felt EXACTLY that way in high school, so I’m pretty sure the people who say they don’t want to go actually do AND have a date in mind.

Now, I’ve heard that some of the student representatives who are running for office this year have been saying that they want to hold the prom in the gym. Many of the student populace are naturally aghast at this and would rather measure the height of the multi-purpose gym with toothpicks than hold their prom there. I’d like to say my piece on this.

“Prom,” in case you didn’t know, is short for “promenade.” This is defined as:
prom·e·nade /ˌprɒməˈneɪd, -ˈnɑd/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[prom-uh-neyd, -nahd] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, -nad·ed, -nad·ing.
1. a stroll or walk, esp. in a public place, as for pleasure or display.
2. an area used for such walking.
3. a march of guests into a ballroom constituting the opening of a formal ball.
4. a march of dancers in square dancing.
5. a formal dance; prom.
–verb (used without object)
6. to go for or take part in a promenade.
7. to execute a promenade in square dancing.
–verb (used with object)
8. to take a promenade through or about.
9. to conduct or display in or as if in a promenade; parade: They promenaded their prisoner before the townspeople.
(taken from dictionary.com)

Take note of the first definition: for pleasure or display.
This automatically rules out the gym for two reasons:
1. It would be more than a little unpleasurable to dress formally in a place like the gym.
2. It would not be for display if the celebration is surrounded by the rather rough condition of the multipurpose gym.
3. If you chose to make it non-formal, then jump to the fifth definition: “a formal dance.”

I know that you want to cut costs and keep the students in a place in which (you think) they won’t do anything naughty. But this is a promenade. It’s meant to be showy, to be comfortable, and formal. Since it happens only once or twice in the adolescent life of a student, I don’t think it’s fair to deprive them of this experience when their peers can freely enjoy proms in hotels and pull it off without any untoward incidents. If you’re going to hold it in the gym, don’t make them wear formal clothing. It’s just not comfortable. If it’s not formal, it isn’t a prom. Don’t call it one. Names like “school dance” would be much less pretentious in such a case.

I’m not being an advocate of profligate spending and excess luxury here. If you can hold a formal prom in say, someone’s garden with a good caterer, good music, and a decent program without spending too much, then that would be great. However, calling a non-formal school dance occuring on school grounds a “promenade” is quite silly.

I see the prom as a special event in the life of a high school student that may never happen again. It’s overrated to be sure, but it’s a rather enjoyable event regardless, and is a tradition that I think should be honored. I definitely think it’s unfair when the preceeding batches both had their proms in hotels.

<strong>Bidding farewell to the flesh,

Your Black Lion</strong>


~ by J. R. R. Flores on February 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Farewell to the Flesh”

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with subjecting yourself to some amount of mortification everyday to help you in living in the presence of God, bro.

    Just make sure this doesn’t have any significant repercussions to your health.

    I’ll be around.

  2. […] into Joey’s blog today and I saw that he plans to go on a week’s worth of fasting and mortification in order […]

  3. Well, it’s supposed to be good for your health if you’re otherwise healthy. The only time it may cause problems is if you have ulcers, heart problems, diabetes, or some other disease.

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