Welcome to the Masquerade

As many of you readers know, PSHS had its JS prom last night at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. It was hands down the most entertaining prom I’ve ever been to. It sure beat my own prom in high school.

The prom was a masquerade, which is an interesting twist on the typical formal high school prom. Annoyingly enough, most refused to wear their masks. Only a few teachers went around with their masks for more than five minutes. 😛 It’s a shame, too, as some of those masks were imported from Venice.

My mask [pic].
Martin and Rachelle as emcees [pic 1] [pic 2]

The tables[pic] were lavishly decorated with huge flower arrangements that had piles of Hershey’s Kisses scattered at their bases. Arghs and I found it more than a little difficult to randomly pick up the little pieces of chocolate. Hey, waste not.

Other teachers who were present:

Ma’am Jo and Ma’am Beth [pic]
Ma’am Beth, Alfer, Wenny, Rachelle, and Martin [pic]
Candy and Fil [pic] (Sorry, Fil and Candy, my flash on the wrong setting, hence the less-than-flattering picture. >_o) Both of you still look great, though. 😀

Many other teachers were present, but unfortunately, I didn’t get that many pictures.

One of the highlights of the prom was the cotillion, which was far from the typical waltz. They played music from The Phantom of the Opera (it fits the masquerade theme). As soon as the students went in and began their opening tableau[pic] with the deep, sinister organ opening of the Phantom theme, shivers went up and down my spine. It would have been a LOT more effective, though, if everyone had worn their masks. <_< Imagine twenty or so students, the men in white suits and the girls in long, white dresses, dancing in mist[pic]–and everyone wearing the logo of the prom[pic]—That would have been fantastic.

After a while, I got a bit drowsy and needed a caffeine fix, stat—so Arghs and I went to Shangri-La Mall to get something from Starbucks. Now at this point I was more than slightly insane and decided to walk into Starbucks with my mask on. Of course, it’s not every day that a guy in a suit and mask walks up to the counter at Starbucks. One the baristas asked, “So, who are you supposed to be?”

“Phantom,” I replied. Then I told the baristas that we were having our prom at the hotel next door and needed a caffeine fix.

My students probably don’t believe that I’d do such a thing. I’m too reserved. Right. [pic] Arghs got a good laugh out of it, too.

When we returned, it was already time for the selection of the prom king, queen, prince and princess. Apart from one aberration (a guy was elected as one of the candidates for prom queen), and the centuries it took for the judges to decide who the winners were, it went fine. Many of the ladies were very well-dressed, which is probably why it was so difficult for the judges to choose. (See the pics at my Photobucket[link], YM me for the password)

Unfortunately, I don’t really know who the prom prince and princess are, but here’s their pic anyway. The prom queen was Angela “Egg” Ahererra, our charismatic and dynamic student council president, seen in that picture in her Keira Knightly-esque gown. I have no idea who the king is. (Sorry, I’ve only taught the current sophomores and freshmen). Anyway, grats to all the winners.

Afterward, a band went on stage to perform–The Bloomfields[link]. Far from the typical college band that sticks to rock or punk, the Bloomfields play “daddy music”—’60s and ’70s rock-n-roll hits from The Beatles, the Beach Boys, and other legends of that era. Now you’d expect teenagers to get turned off, but these guys have a spectacular sense of showmanship. They know how to stir a crowd, and even got the typical rock-n-roll stage antics[vid1] [vid2] down pat—they were even dressed in Beatles-style outfits. And hey, if you can stir up middle-aged teachers with memories of their teenage years and cause them to dance and come -this- close to moshing, you are a HIT. I’m not even part of the middle-aged crowd, but I definitely enjoyed their awesome performance. We ended up stirring the dance floor up quite a bit.

Arghs, Fil, Martin, Wenny, Rachelle, Alfer and myself after dancing[pic].

Of course, it was an exhausting night, as you can see from my condition here[pic]. Still, a chocolate fondue after the program gave me enough sugar to last long enough to drive Arghs and Fil home, and get home safely myself. The day ended at 2:00 am this morning, but my state of being impressed did not end there.

Just check out our souvenir. It’s ceramic and clearly custom-made for this event. It sure beats the souvenir I got from my own prom (which was a little throw-pillow that had a really cheesy and badly-drawn guy-kneeling-giving-girl-flowers design. Rargh.).

In summary, this prom was entertaining without conforming, formal without being normal, classy without being gaudy. No expense or effort seemed to have been spared. 07-08, I salute you. You made my night well worth the time. Subsequent batches, start taking notes. (If you want to see Sir Arghs and myself dance.)

The Black Lion is here, inside your mind.

Trying to get enough sleep again,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on February 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Masquerade”

  1. great, now i can’t wait til our prom 🙂 probably won’t enjoy as much though XD

  2. haha, cant wait to see what the two best friends will do for the prom. XD

  3. Wow. I wish that I survive until, well, Graduation.

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