Jologetry 101

Yes, dear readers, another flatliner that attempts (probably unsuccessfully) to reflect on the vanity of mankind at the same time.

I really can’t add much to what this guy said. This is a hilarious article and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy his highly irreverent and hilarious style. (Link contains profanity, so be warned.)

And then another blogger (who, to my eternal shame, is from my alma mater) attempts to expound on this but unfortunately speaks in a very offensive manner—concluding that it is only the poor who are jologs. I find that social class is completely irrelevant to one’s tastes. I’ve seen financially-challenged people act in very noble and wise ways, while I’ve seen very wealthy people who also happened to be very jologs. And yes, Mr. Vince Racoma. They happened to be from our beloved alma mater.

But guys, let’s take a good look at what exactly jologs means.

Dear foreign readers, jologs is a strikingly unique term of unknown origin that is usually applied to people with generally inferior taste in fashion, music, amusement, and attitude. It is both an adjective (i.e. I know a person who is quite jologs.) or a noun (i.e. And behold, before my eyes was an ocean of jologs, as far as the eye could see.) The most accurate English description I could come up with is that a jologs is a poseur who unfortunately adopts the dregs of kitsch as his personal style.

As a mathematical formula, my definition would look like this:

Kitsch + poseur (baduy + feeling) = jologs

Ultimately, he tries a bit too hard to be part of a particular subculture (punk, emo, hip-hop, or whatever) and thus embodies all the worst stereotypes of the said subculture and thus becomes a part of a unique subculture all on its own. The end result is a person who throws away all sense of dignity and self-respect to artificially project an image of himself—and ends up looking like a buffoon.

The existence of jologs is not restricted to the Philippines. The jologs phenomenon exists universally, though there may be different catalysts in each society. There are some equivalents in American English slang, but I would rather not post words like those here as I find them offensive. The only other term I could recall that comes close to the Filipino jologs is the Singaporean/Malaysian ah beng/ah lian[link]. (I’d have never known these terms if my dad hadn’t moved to Singapore and told me about them.) This tells one, however, that even first-world societies like Singapore have the same phenomenon as ours. They exist in the US, in Singapore, and in the Philippines. This is not about race, society or money.
Whether your jologs adheres to the tenets of the r0ckerzzzz \m/ or the gAngsTAHz, the root may come from a generally inferior upbringing. Now, let me qualify.

This does not say anything about money. Your parents may own nothing but the grease on their faces and yet be able to show you genuine love and dignity as a human being. They may be starving and yet they may be able to teach you how a person should act. On the other hand, they can be rich enough to have a swimming pool the size of Galleria in their backyard and yet be so unloving and uncaring that they didn’t bother to teach you anything like manners, taste, self-respect, and, heaven forbid, common sense.

Nay, being jologs is not a state of the pocket. It’s a state of the heart and mind. It is an outward reflection of something going on inside.

See, all people want self-affirmation. Whether they say it or not, everyone wants someone to feel a sense of kinship with. That’s why they would go to such lengths to get accepted by like-minded people, even if the rest of society looks down upon them. Maybe they feel that society thinks they’re scum in the first place, so they just go all the way and act the way they’re expected to. They make fools of themselves and don’t mind. They have friends to be fools with, and that’s all the acceptance and affirmation they need.

True, we like laughing at them, and we like talking about how silly they look. But remember why they do this. It may not always be true, but I think they might just need a friend. Or they might just really have bad tastes. Nevertheless, one must still admit that in one way or another, he or she is jologs. He or she has that deep longing within to act silly and attract undue (and negative) attention.

As a wise king once said, Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!

Love the jologs within,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on March 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “Jologetry 101”

  1. Excellent, bro! Very well written! Cheers!

  2. very true, sir, very true. why, i’ve seen jologs people who are filthy rich.


    oh, and you actually stumbled upon my cousin’s blog. :))

    maaarz signing out.

  3. true. being jologs is probably something dependent on personal perspective and growth. in a way, it’s how some people adapt to some form of identity crisis since they try to find themselves through a stereotype…

    /bumps wall and signs out./

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