Graphics heavy post.

Earworms: Land of Immortals by Rhapsody of Fire

Here[link] is the culmination of the Scholar-do group’s work.

To be honest, the project was originally just pretty silly to me. It was really funny in both concept and execution, but I felt that was it. However, PJ and his gang have proven themselves very competent in the development of the Scholar-do Chronicle, and I found that the result was downright impressive. For something done on school grounds with limited equipment and a lot of creativity, they’ve come up with something that I think deserves to be remembered online for years to come. Watch the videos for yourself and enjoy. (They also get points for using Dragonforce and Stratovarius. Seriously.)

Anyway, Martin’s Pisay Meets World project has really accomplished its goal–to get the attention of the world, to scream across cyberspace, “HEY! THE FILIPINO YOUTH CAN AFFECT THE WORLD!”

In my opinion, nothing proved this more than a recent post[link] on Martin’s blog.

Translation for foreign readers:

“What a waste of my time. It’s so aggravating when “science” people try to do what only “artists” should do. Poor Youtube. Being made to host crap like this.”

Okay, that sure stirred up a lot of fiery replies from Martin’s students. I would have reacted the same way too—after all, you pour a lot of blood, sweat, tears, time and money into a project like this without even knowing whether it will affect the Net or not. Still, I think it’s evidence of a very important fact: PMW is affecting the world.

Yes, I know you’d rather have people commenting positively on your work. However, this usually means that only interested people are looking at your blog, and not random passers-by who don’t know what to expect or who aren’t really interested. The mere fact that Mr. (or Ms.) Artsy Fartsy took the time to reply means that he or she feels strongly enough to talk about it.

That, or he or she is just a troll.

Nevertheless, I believe that when someone posts something that isn’t spam onto your blog, you’re getting attention. You’re getting reactions. You’re doing what you meant to do. I think that’s success enough.

Also, always remember this.

Better a troll:

than spam.

PS: I saw this sign[link] at the GSIS office yesterday.

Basically, they’re saying “Hey there. You are now in a government office. Things get ugly. We’re sorry in advance.” To be honest it wasn’t THAT bad, as we had gotten there early and the line moved fairly quickly. I had a good book with me, too.

What I found amusing was that there was already a lady on the PA system explaining to us what to write exactly in the forms, and there were these particularly cantankerous people in the queue who were whining about how that wasn’t what the form was asking for. I just thought to myself that even if the lady hadn’t explained it, they’d still complain.

Keep Affecting Your World,

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on March 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Graphics heavy post.”

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joe. Maybe we can work up a collective splash next year?

    As for that picture, I have only one thing to say, “Apology accepted.”

  2. ah, debate. it makes my insides tingle with glee XD. but really, what artsy-fartsy said was out of line. ohwell.

  3. Thank You

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