Something I Never Thought I’d See

Just a quick flatliner.

This is from the comic strip Fringe Benefits Cafe in the Philippine Star. It appeared in today’s issue. Grandma had canceled our subscription so I haven’t read this newspaper in a very long time. Just my luck that today of all days, I had breakfast in Jollibee and saw a copy of this paper lying on the table.

I never thought I’d see this kind of foul language in the Philippine Star. Kids read this stuff, for crying out loud, and you have the gall to publish this garbage? The joke is off-color to begin with, and then you have to use foul language to tell it?

I know the media is never about responsibility, but I didn’t know they’d be THIS irresponsible.

Oh, pay the author of the strip a visit at


Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on April 10, 2007.

16 Responses to “Something I Never Thought I’d See”

  1. That particular strip tries to be snarky, sniping away at all issues concerning anyone from the yuppie or 19-30 year old demographic.

    The sad thing about this is that the strip used to actually be funny. With this unnecessary (some would say ‘obscene’) word usage, the comic now seems forced and just a little too cynical. It doesn’t even border on humorous.

  2. I thought it was trying a bit too hard to begin with, but this just takes the cake. Furthermore, this prison sodomy issue isn’t even really big here. It’s a very American issue and has little relevance to our society.

  3. hey, thanks for the mention.

    “to each his own” is all I could come up with, I guess. It’s the good old adage of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One man’s humor is another man’s affront to deceny.

    oh and prison sodomy exists in the Philippines

    Anyhoo, despite the differences we have, thanks again.

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  5. whooooopssss….

    wrong spelling….”DECENCY.” hahahahha sorry.

  6. Poor bitch, he just can’t grab the point and has to go on sarcastic tirades of the crimes in the news and the Sadistic quotes from the Bible. He can’t own up to what he has written. He can’t take responsibility. He blames everything but himself.

    And I agree, his comic strips are not even funny.

    He should really start calling his blog defense-mechanisms.

  7. I tend to believe that there is such a thing as prison sodomy…this guy seems to be writing from experience!

  8. I do not want to write a reaction to this, but I feel that a point must be proven.
    I speak out against what I find indecent and I am called judgmental. Furthermore I am accused of being petty and not indignant over corruption. I am indignant over corruption.

    I’m on the government payroll. I FEEL those effects in my stomach. I feel the sting of their inefficiency and the emptiness of their promises quite personally.

    Instead of channeling that indignation into writing, I channel that indignation into my work. That’s why I teach. And because I teach, I AM concerned about the example given to the next generation. I will gladly be called judgmental if it means telling the next generation what is right and wrong in a world that is quickly losing its foundations, in a world that thinks right and wrong are so stifling to its freedom, a world that gladly drags its freedom through the muck of licentiousness just so that it can experience random fleeting pleasures.

    I nitpick these little things because I know Pinoys gloss over “little” things like these. This is why corruption so easily gets hold of our officials. They start with a little.

    Just a little.

    The reason why I become so incensed by the little things is because that’s where I go wrong too. The big, hideous monsters are easy enough to spot and keep away. It’s the little compromises that slip by, erode the foundation and make the fortress fall.

  9. hey, you and i are both government employees and teach. and, I feel, as a teacher we must guide students to their own realizations and revelations and not really push down our own definition of what is right or wrong.

    Why just focus on the little things, when you can tackle the big and little monsters at the same time? It’s more difficult and proactive to our society. Smal problem. Big problem. Still problems.

    So now you are equating this comic strip to the culture of corruption. That is strange! I am on your side but I fight in a different manner. this is how I channel my indignation, aslan.

    About right and wrong, aslan, and the erosion of the foundation, might I invoke history that women who wanted to learn or study are seen as witches and burnt at a stake. Because that WAS how it was then, it was right to burn the strange or abnormal people and wrong for women to be educated. Educated women, then, are seen as an aberrant and an erosion of the foundation.

    So the concept of right and wrong is all relative.

    the thing with life, it is not black nor white but a rich range of shades of grey.

  10. I, on the other hand, believe that there are things that are always wrong and things that are always right. There are a large number of things that are neither, but I still cannot compromise on certain things.

    I admit to having a very simple, one might say crude, way of seeing things. I never felt I belonged in this age where relativism is ironically seen to be absolute. And perhaps I never will.

    In the world, yet not of the world.

  11. First, I applaud this exercise of the constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of expression. Dialogue and debate are necessary in every democracy, nevermind that ours leave much to be desired.

    Indignation is also commendable. But in my humble opinion expansiveness of perception and receptiveness to other ideas are tools to shape and better one’s own humanity.

    Has anyone of you ever visited any congested prison in the NCR? I have, more than character-building efforts require. And it blatantly and sadly violates UN standards. Frankly, one may (as i have gently alluded to the GMA-Garci shenanigans) even venture to suggest to instead be indignant about the sad state of prisons in the same fashion and fervor displayed by each and every one of you for the comic strip. It could make a difference, maybe not. Maybe prison sodomy do not exist in the Philippines. I highly doubt that. But the situation of sodomy was taken as an extreme example to illustrate the terrible prison conditions we have. I invite this passionate lot to visit, hmm, maybe the Antipolo jail and perhaps channel your energies to more productive pursuits. Summer is quite perfect, for the prisoners suffer a shortage of water and their bodies punished by boils.

    Perhaps the artist could have been more circumspect. Maybe a little sensitivity was in order. But this is a democracy folks, as crippled as it may be. Absent proof of corrosive tendency that could undermine public order, speech in all forms must be protected.

    Alas, truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. Unfortunately for the sensitive, more of these pills are needed by this ailing democracy.

  12. Thanks for the comment. I do not agree with you completely, but I sure wish the government would pay attention to us more. Even as a government employee, I often feel that they have a tendency to shoot down good suggestions even if they are as tame as implementing a new, electronic system for taking student attendance. For some it may be fear of change; this is how I see the situation where I work. For others it may be an attempt to continue to hold on to their power. Thankfully I have not experienced this personally, but we all feel the effects somewhere.

    If only they really paid attention to the people.

  13. Complete concensus in a democracy is a utopian’s dream. Disagree with me to your heart’s content for that is your right. But pray do not stoop to the level of some of the commentators here have descended. Critical discourse is one thing but irresponsible commentaries belie a superficial mind trapped in a sophomoric personality. I beseech Coke and AB to educate yourselves in methods of analytical discourse where language-use and insights be legitimized by rationality and fairness. Be that as it may, i humbly respect their right to speak albeit irrationally, albeit rashly.

  14. You see this is where all the problem lie – people hiding behind freedom of speech and analytical discourse. I stand by aslan in the fact that there is objective good and evil. The subject here is a comic strip which is visible to the young – those with impressionable minds. Those readers, both young and old, are not reading this philosophicaL Discourse. Unless you are willing to append a long dissertation on good and evil to the comic strip, it says the wrong things to our young. As my Indian friends would say – “it is what it is” and in this case the comic strip is wrong.

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  16. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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