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So I got a bootleg copy of C&C 3:Tiberium War in order to test it on my computer. (Honest. I’m getting a legit copy when my pay comes in, didn’t want to buy a game that my computer couldn’t handle.) It works fine on my rig as you can see in the attached screenie. It doesn’t run at recommended level, but it only slows down when the map is covered in units (happens often since I turtle a lot).


I’m really enjoying the game so far, and I think the story’s a good turn of events; it starts out with GDI looking around to see if the Brotherhood of Nod is up to no good after several years of dormancy, only to be massively owned within the course of a day all over the world. I haven’t progressed that far in the campaign yet but from what I’ve seen, the first two missions are EPIC and involve defending from waves upon waves of attacks or or taking back vital installations. Not much to say yet apart from it being fun.

Key improvements I really appreciated in this game (mechanics)
-the return of the original C&C sidebar interface
-multiple build queues instead of being stuck with one item at a time
-training squads of infantry instead of individual soldiers
-the return of the space-based ion cannon (which I prefer to the orbital mirror-reflected particle cannon in Generals)
-an actual explanation for buildings having to be built close to one another (‘Ground Control’) and an actual graphical representation of that area
-most special weapons/abilities cost money now (troop drops, even radar scans cost money), limiting their abuse. Superweapons are back to one per player per game, avoiding the instant kill turtling insanity in Generals.

Visual improvements I appreciated:
-Overall awesome graphics. The shield graphics and beam animations look fantastic.
-The ion cannon looks FANTASTIC. (It messes up a base good as well)
-The Obelisk looks awesome again. I really didn’t like Tiberian Sun’s depiction of it.
-The Nod buildings now have a more or less uniform architectural style (black with stained glass)

Units I really enjoyed:
-Finally, DECENT mecha! GDI’s Juggernaut is a powerful artillery unit coupled with Sniper Teams. Nod’s Avatar is a self-improving tech-cannibalizing mech. The Scrin’s Annihilator Tripod is terrifyingly eerie (see Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds movie; it even sounds the same and has similar sound effects for the beams it fires). Mechs also leave behind husks that can either be captured by Engineers or destroyed.
-Nod Shadow Troopers rock for having Gun-kata style and for being able to fly.
-GDI Zone Troopers rock: heavily-armored infantry with railguns and jumpjets, as well as an near-instantaneous drop.

Things I really hate:
-The Scrin are broken. That is all.

It’s a generally fun game, I still fight the Scrin despite them being the spawn of evil. I highly recommend it if your computer can run it.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 8, 2007.

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  1. Post screenshots!

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