C&C 3 Update

Since Frosty asked for screenies, I’m posting some shots of the Scrin in action.


The Scrin are the alien race behind the creation of tiberium and the seeding of the Earth with it. Tiberium is apparently a manifold way of them conquering a planet—it pollutes the planet, kills the inhabitants (or mutates them) and when the population is weakened, can be used as an energy source for an occupying force. They were lured to Earth when Kane detonated a cache of liquid tiberium beneath his main temple in Tiberian Sun. (Apparently, Kane knew of the nature of tiberium, the aliens who made it, and devised some belief system in which tiberium is the future of humanity and will cause the next step in their evolution).

The Scrin, as a faction, are completely unoriginal. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I enjoy how practically every unit is a reference to another unit that exists in some other game or pop culture source. For one thing, almost all their sound effects are remixed from sound effects from the Zerg and Protoss units in Starcraft. I could definitely hear the voices of zerglings, drones, reavers, and all sorts of other units somewhere there.
-The Annihilator tripod, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is very similar to War of the Worlds tripods, down to the roaring and disintegrator beam SFX.
-Buzzers are swarms of little bots that tear stuff up. I’m sure I’ve seen this elsewhere.
-Devourer tanks hover a lot like the Imperium tanks from Dark Reign. I’m sure other, similar-looking hovertanks exist.
-Devastator Assault Ships = air artillery without AA capability = Zerg Guardian
-Planetary Assault Carrier = Protoss Carrier
-Shock Troopers are similar to Protoss Dragoons.
-Mothership. Hi Independence Day. Also see Imperium Sky Fortress from Dark Reign, though those are a bit small. Still, when I was envisioning how the Sky Fortresses looked IRL, I came up with a mental picture that turned out exactly like the Scrin Mothership.
-Rift Generator. Hi Dark Reign.

Essentially, the Scrin play like a Protoss/Zerg hybrid that has stuff that looks like Imperium units. Wait, maybe they’re the Protoss/Zerg hybrid that Zeratul found in the secret mission of Brood War! Gasp.

Anyway, I’ve talked enough. Here are the screenies.

The Scrin own GDI.
Independence Day.
Independence Day again.
Razing some buildings.

Other screenshots are at my photobucket. It’s password-protected, please contact me via Y!M.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 9, 2007.

One Response to “C&C 3 Update”

  1. OMG. Broken. They remind me of the Togran in Dark Reign. All the cheese in a single race. But damn, the graphics are a notch over the previous CnC.

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