Inkwell’s D&D Campaign

Titans of our Time by Iron Savior
The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight by Rhapsody of Fire: An EPIC 16-minute song about how the wizard Iras and the other heroes plumb the depths of Dar-Kunor to take the ancient black book of Nekron to prevent the demon lord’s resurrection.

Current Read
Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko (yes, I finally started)
I’m not usually one for vampires (I’m really tired of their uberness in pop culture) but it’s pretty well-written and the universe is interesting. More on this later.

I’ve already been working on Inkwell’s campaign this month, and already I’ve come up with a branching storyline that involves several major choices. I hope it’s not too complex–this is after all my first time to DM and some online help sites say that beginner DMs might find it easier to stick to published adventures first.

The problem is, of course, we included D&D into Inkwell’s list of activities to come up with a story that we could publish; originality is of great importance. As such, we really had to come up with something that’s completely our creation.

Our campaign starts on the festival of Shieldmeet in Faerunian year 1372, in the Cormyrian capital city of Suzail. Cormyr had just survived a series of tragic events that severely weakened the country: an invasion led by a Great Wyrm Red Dragon, the death of its king in battle, and various uprisings from less honorable members of the nobility. The town of Tilverton had been reduced to a shadowy crater just months before, and in general Cormyr needs a break from the pain of life on Faerun. Thus, the current regent, Princess Alusair Obarskyr, is taking advantage of this festival to give the people a sense of hope. But evil never goes on vacation.

The rest is of course, a bunch of spoilers. I really can’t afford to give my players any more info, this will lead to metagaming and second-guessing. They’ll have to discover everything on their own.

I’m planning on running two campaigns simultaneously (same campaign with different people), but my problem is I’m still lacking a DM. (Or at least an assistant who can do the bookkeeping for me while I handle the more serious duties of the DM.)

My first party is already full:
-Aldrich as a Paladin (Lawful Good)
-Yana as a Swashbuckler (Neutral)
-Kelsy as a Ranger (Neutral)
-Kate as a Rogue (Chaotic Good)
-Ice as a Cleric of Kelemvor (Lawful Neutral)
-Joaq as a Wizard (Neutral Good)

Second party:
-Izo as a Paladin (Lawful Good)
-Justine (undecided) (–)
-Jejo as a Wizard (–)

The second party still needs three people, preferably a barbarian or fighter, a rogue, and a cleric.

Still, I really look forward to the fruits of this endeavor, and hopefully it will make for an interesting Dalumat.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 12, 2007.

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