In Her Defense

The Situation by Krystal Meyers
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Just wanted to express my disgust over how 4chan treated Alodia. Although I’m a fan of hers, I’m not a drooling otaku—just that I believe this is the proper way a guy should defend a lady’s reputation.

Apparently, someone posted an image of her on 4chan[link], which isn’t exactly a family-friendly image board. There were lots of accusations thrown at her, some including how according to them she isn’t really pretty, how she is allegedly surgically-altered, how she is allegedly an attention whore (“from the looks of her DA account) and above all, how she supposedly poses nude for Maxim. Of course she found it insulting. Thankfully she has a whole bunch of fans who comforted her about it. I told her not to take it seriously as 4chan is inhabited by the scum of the universe anyway.

The poor girl of course has a lot of people who hate her. I don’t know if it’s out of jealousy or bitterness, but humans are savage and barbaric anyway. Someone always has something we can’t have, and we always try to get that or try to destroy that person. *sigh* It really is part of human nature, I guess.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 13, 2007.

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  1. 4chan is filled with an unhealthy amount of ignorance, arrogance and often, malice. Unfortunately, it does offer good or rare pics occasionally. Even more unfortunately, there are other online communities which will stay unnamed which are as bad or worse than it …

  2. alodia fanboi much? go suck a cock fagget

  3. You know you’re famous when you have haters. 😉

  4. Jokes tend to be laced with a bit of rationality. Take caution, ickle fanboy. Not all Alodia-haters are raving mad lunatics that have shit-for-brains. Plus, the attention-whoring really is disgusting, y’know.

  5. I expected something like this. I don’t really mind, you’re free to your opinion.

    Jokes tend to have truth to them (that’s what makes them funny), but that didn’t seem like a joke at all (or it quickly lost its joke status and became a rumor). Unfortunately, 4chan is really a place not known for rationality.

    A bit of rationality for you: A lot of the attention she gets was given by the public to begin with–Including the art theft stuff. Back when she started, she didn’t exactly ask to be interviewed. She and her sister didn’t even win the cosplay at that C3Con. (I have that Culture Crash issue; it’s the Matrix guy who won. Alodia and Ash only had “Crowd Favorite” on their page.)

    Not like she steals her own art or goes search the net for people who steal it. People just tell her about it.
    At events, she’s invited to judge. Not like she volunteers.

    I may have been mistaken in making a generalization about haters. However, not all fans are deranged and beyond reason.

  6. SO what if 4chan is mistreating her? 4chan thinks of reality more than you fanboys who 24-7 wet dreams of Alodia in one of those hentai games.

    Alodia is not perfect. Yet people say it like she is. The true identity of a person is seen on its dark side. And her dark side is showing WAY too well.

    She, along with that Baby Prima donna Kim Chiu, shows example that even a pretty face can change mountains, too bad they both became rich that this became more obvious.

    To you, I bid 4chan as bidders of truth and lolz.

    Oh, and to Alodia: There is confidence… and There is JUST PLAIN YABANG.

  7. I did not say anywhere that she was perfect, and I don’t see what you’re basing this hentai game accusation on. That sure didn’t come up until now, so if there is indeed someone thinking of her in the context of hentai games, it isn’t me.

    I don’t understand how you’re implying that she profits off cosplaying. If anything she spends (a lot) on it.

    And please, I don’t even know why you believe 4chan is a guardian of truth. You lost me there.

  8. @the alodia hater:

    Someone’s got GOT BIG TIME jealousy issues. For a person who doesn’t even know Alodia personally, you speak volumes of negative things about her. Bitter much?

  9. She’s an insult to the Atenean intellect, that I can assure you of.

    Inb4 butthurt fatty.

  10. @ mark: Big Jealousy Issues? Are you guys saying that I cannot talk of evil when it comes to Alodia? *gasp* She’s like a GOD to you, people? Cosplaying to your wildest wet dreams? Awww. I pity You, Mark, Darling.

    Here’s the question: Do you even know her? So meeting her in a Convention is already knowing her for a long time? She’s just glad she has asskissing fans to forget while she wallows around being fanbait to more fans.

    Face it.

    @J.R.R. Flores: Ya, you lost me too. I was obviously saying that at least 4chan speaks more truth than any of you fanboys. And hentai Games? it was only out of an opinion. Sheesh. You guys think way too seriously on a widdle opinion. Awwww… there are fanboys, there the fan girls, and there come the haters…. we can’t show it? Allow me to.

    You must be thinking of Alodia again, oh… silly me. 🙂

    The bringers of truth? I was saying it was for the lulz too, fanboy. I was making sure that you would know that at least 4 chan has sense.

    What’s wrong with you? Barney-like quotes about “saying nothing at all” and “knowing the person” questions sicken me. it’s real life, darlings.

    Just one little opinion of her, and you guys defend. I guess I know who are the asskissers here. 😉 This also affects to other stars who have really no talent. I repect opinions of you all, but you left me no choice. Time for the big guns. 😉

  11. uh, questions to all of you guys:

    -why the hell would she post her resume online with all thsoe worthless small-time cosplay awards? They don’t count when you’re looking for a job, unless you want to be on some weeaboo magazine cover.

    -and she has this craftsmanship award, when she just commissioned the accessories she won the judges over with. how is that good for someone like her, who, apparently, is down-to-earth and really nice? isn’t that cheating?

    -and lastly, why do you all think she’s nice based on one stupid encounter at a con? she’s nice because she has to. she’s nice because she’ll lose her spot when she bites the hands that feed her.

    don’t judge 4chan, you idiots. we speak the truth.

  12. Okay, thank you for the last post. At least it has some reasons in it. The other posts, not so much.

    I think the irony here is that I’m being accused, on my own blog, of violently reacting to one opinion. I’d like to point out that I posted my opinion first, and it’s like you guys make it your life’s work to look for pro-Alodia blogs and flame them. Furthermore, your cowardly, anonymous attacks are just so typical of 4chan.

    Do you get anything out of doing this? I guess not.

    Alfred Pennyworth was right. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Well, party’s over, trolls.

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