The End of Hero Worship?

My brother was released from the hospital today, and he’s recovering well. I just want to thank all those who’ve been praying for him. 🙂

The Philippine Star came out today with an interesting article about how celebrities (mostly actors) did not do well in this year’s elections. With the exception of Vilma Santos, almost all of the actors who ran for office this time around lost or are falling behind in the counts and have practically no chance of winning. Does this spell the end of the typical attitude of Filipinos toward celebrities? Are we learning, as a nation, to separate the personae of film characters from the actors in politics? Or can this phenomenon be attributed entirely to other candidates having better machinery? The article I mentioned quotes the losing Richard Gomez as saying that Filipinos no longer trust actors in politics because of the various non-performing former performers in the Senate right now. Is he right?

I really don’t know. My grasp of political science is limited to a three-unit course I took in the summer of 2004, so I really can’t say much. But I’d rather believe it’s the former. I’d rather believe we’ve begun to learn our lessons.

I’d like to make this entry more of a forum. If you want to post a comment, please say what you think. Since I myself have no real stand on this matter (Just what I want to believe), I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “The End of Hero Worship?”

  1. Well, Angelica Jones did win as board member somewhere in Laguna… 😀

    But I agree with you; I think we’re beginning to learn our lessons. It’s just a beginning, but it’s a start.

  2. Well, Richard’s one of the non-performing politicians, if you ask me.

    I believe that we’re learning our lesson. Look at the Makati mayoralty race. Binay won via landslide. Why? It’s not because he’s more popular than Lapid. It’s simply because the people of Makati have seen what he’s capable of doing and they have reaped the benefits of Binay’s work in Makati. Plus the fact that it’s just plain, downright stupid to put a guy who can’t even speak English as a mayor of the business center of Metro Manila. I mean, he’s the only goof who needed a translator in the Senate. How dumb can that be?!

    I know Cesar Montano was appointed as representative for some arts and crafts shite and that’s nice. But sometimes, that’s not enough. Apparently this time around, it didn’t even help boost his popularity. It’s in situations like these that people are now thinking, why bother running?

    And look at Manny Pacquiao in Gen San. He’s losing and this ain’t no ten-rounder. Simply because Darlene has the better credibility. You don’t slug it out in Congress. You make bills. You pass laws. You need a degree, at least. You need to understand what your people really need on a legislative level. Manny doesn’t have that. Not by a mile.

  3. Good to hear that your brother’s alright, Joey.

    The politicians over here are pretty … amusing, in their own different way -_-, They’re inept, and capable of mouthing the silliest things ever …

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