Mangaholix Con and D&D update

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The things I go through for my anime geekiness. I went to Mall of Asia this morning to attend the Mangaholix con I advertised in a previous entry[link]. I knew MoA was on the other end of the known universe, so I decided against borrowing grandma’s car as well as taking a cab all the way. Instead I took the train to the Taft terminal and took a cab from there. It wasn’t so bad apart from me having to make sure my hands were not at waist level, as there was a rather pretty lady in the train who was about 3mm away from me. (The whole cabin was stuffed to standing room and quite uncomfortable.) Of course I was stupid and decided to wear my heavy Columbia boots. (My feet still hurt up to now.)

Still, I wanted to be there since I was going to meet up with Ada and Justine, two of my students. That and I wanted to take pictures of Alodia Gosiengfiao, who was going to be a judge in the cosplay competition.

The con itself was hot, packed, and full of Narutards (please become extinct soon), and most of the cosplayers were naturally mainstream. Final Fantasy and generic anime schoolgirls were common fare. There were a few outstanding ones: Cell from Dragonball Z (I unfortunately was unable to take a picture), this guy, who I will call Blackguard Bob (He looks vaguely familiar, possibly from some sentai series; since I can’t identify him I’ll just say he’s a half-fiend blackguard until someone tells me who he’s supposed to be), Aya and Maya[pic] from Tenjou Tenge (Aya is especially comely), and Cornelia’s Gloucester. (Who I unfortunately never saw with his full suit on).

Blackguard Bob really drew a lot of attention. Just look at the stares he’s getting here.
And here[pic].
(There was an episode of Eat Bulaga that was being shot right beside the con venue, so there were a lot of people. Blackguard Bob just finished putting on his costume and was walking to the entrance when the Eat Bulaga show ended, so there were a lot of people moving in the same direction. (I don’t want to be judgmental but there were some VERY JOLOGS people in that crowd; namely those people who were grabbing at Blackguard Bob’s spikes and wings and PULLING when he clearly asked them not to touch his armor. :P) They were obviously just passers-by and not related to him.

I bought a set of D&D miniatures for use in our roleplaying in Inkwell. Like any randomly-assorted package, I didn’t really get everything I wanted. The set contains a Wood Elf Ranger and an Orc Mauler, ten other randomly-assorted figs (no colossal Red Dragons, of course), and a neat blue d20. There weren’t enough good guys[link]. -_-
Kelsy’s playing as a Wood Elf Ranger, so she has a fig for her character. Unfortunately, her toon is female and the fig is male. The Combat Medic (red robed female) is a cleric, so Ice can use that. Yana’s Swashbuckler will have to make do with the Inspired Lieutenant (tall female in armor with a double spear and a blue cape); she’ll be in the Purple Dragons anyway. Aldrich’s Paladin will have to be the Arcanix Guard (guy with a shield). That leaves us with Joaq and Kate (Elf wizard and Half-elf Rogue, respectively) with no figs. 😦 I think they’ll have to do with some of my brother’s Mageknight figures.

Thankfully the bad guys[pic] are decent enough to present a threatening force. I’d have screamed in agony if I just got a bunch of kobolds.

I also snagged a Chessex d6 block.[pic] At Php 499, it was the cheapest I could find. Everything else was Php 1100 just because they were transparent dice. I’m sure Frost would love the deep shade of purple my dice are in. 😀

I got home at 6 pm, just in time to bring grandma to a party. The cab I took on the way home had to weave through side roads to avoid the monstrosity of traffic that is EDSA, so I ended up paying Php 130 for cab fare. STARCRAFT II HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. I waited so long for this, especially since the Starcraft: Ghost shooter game was canned. (Probably in favor of this) I’m really, really excited. I loved Starcraft, and I’ve always wanted to see it get updated. Now, my dreams are a reality.

Check out the site.[link]

Anyway. I’m really exhausted today, but it certainly wasn’t fruitless.
I was actually able to ask Edjie and Ash to each pose for a pic. People who know me know that I’m not usually the type to do that. 😛 But this day certainly was worth all the fatigue.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 19, 2007.

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  1. starcraft II? someone’s gonna be very happy. XD

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