The Black and the Purple

This entry is the introduction to Inkwell’s D&D Campaign, The Black and the Purple.

The Black The Purple

Shieldmeet 1372, The Year of Wild Magic.
The departing Flamerule sun was utterly tyrannical, and the coming month of Elesias promised no more mercy. Stiff, hot, northerly winds blew from the Great Desert of Anauroch down to the Cormyrian capital of Suzail, heavy with the scent of dead sand, sand-blasted rock and more dead sand. The lush greenery of Cormyr was beginning to wither under the oppressive weather.
The heat beat down mercilessly on Princess Alusair Obarskyr’s helm as she sat at the royal box high above the opening ceremonies. The sweat from her brow seemed to evaporate and hang heavily inside the confines of the helm, mixing with the heat from her breath to form an entirely noxious atmosphere. Although she could have opted for lighter clothing in this awful heat, she knew she had to keep up her image as the Steel Regent. Her father had left her a kingdom that had been viciously trampled upon by a red dragon’s rampage, and the nobles were looking for signs of weakness in her that would allow them to expand their own power base. Laying down the helm of the Steel Regent would cause rumors of weakness to stir.
And that was the way it had to be. Through all the trials of the recent past, Cormyr, Land of the Purple Dragon, had to push onward. This Shieldmeet was an important reminder to the people of the beleaguered land that they were still strong, still proud. Shieldmeet would always push through. It was Alusair’s way of giving them hope, as futile as that may be.
“Steward,” whispered Alusair to her aide. “Any word from the Stonelands?”
“Still as tense as ever, highness,” he replied, slightly above the noise of the crowd. “Although the Tilverton detachment can easily march in on the Stonelands after a day’s journey, they run the risk of being attacked by catapults. Furthermore, abandoning Tilverton is certainly unthinkable.”
“Agreed,” replied the princess. The city of Tilverton was still engulfed by the shadowy anomaly that had obliterated it a few months before. The detachment that guarded it was the only force in the area, abandoning it would allow other interested parties access to the anomaly.
A wind began to blow into the city, but this time it was a southwesterly from the Sea of Fallen Stars. The princess inhaled its cool dampness, welcome relief from the oppressive summer. Once she scented the approach of rain, however, he mind began to churn. She knew that bad weather during Shieldmeet was a terrible omen, but in this heat, she argued, which weather is worse?
“Steward,” she ordered. “Summon the recruits to the audience hall. We have much work to do.”

Our Companions (Think of a name for your party):
-Aldrich as Alioth Ras’Elased, Aasimar Paladin of Tyr, native of Waterdeep.
-Yana as Milica Illancet, Human Swashbuckler of the Purple Dragon Army, native of Suzail, Cormyr.
-Kelsy as Lesamien Xelephia Vaebar, Wood Elf Ranger and Druid of Silvanus, native of Cormanthor.
-Kate as Kieran Aquilae, Half-Elf Rogue, follower of Shaundakul, native of Selgaunt, Sembia.
-Ice as Acantha Trannyth, Human Cleric of Kelemvor, native of Suzail, Cormyr.
-Joaq as Azareth Starsmiter, Moon Elf Wizard, follower of Mystra, native of Silverymoon.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Black and the Purple”

  1. Your students should have quite a lot of adventures come this school year. Too bad we didn’t have teachers who were willing to take the leap and incorporate their hobbies into their teaching methods. Pfeh~!

  2. To be fair, Atenean teachers do not experience as much academic freedom as we do in PSHS.

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