Looking Back At Summer

-Various Rhapsody of Fire songs.

Current Projects:
The Black and the Purple D&D campaign
REX 3.0
Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko

And so the vacation draws to a close. If all goes well we might have replacements for Fil and Chris, and thus PSHS 2010’s set of English teachers will be complete.

This summer was one of the most productive vacations I’ve ever had. By the grace of God I was able to put together a D&D campaign (though not complete) for Inkwell. Inkwell also seems to be headed for revival (I owe this to Paula and the other committed Inkwell members). What’s more, I met my annual quota of one trip to the beach every summer, thanks to Martin, Arghs and Fil’s planning. I even learned how to jumpstart a car (and why jumper cables are important) and how to change a car battery. I guess in RPG terms you could say I leveled up despite my postponement of my MA plans. Fun. I’ll soon follow up with a review of Nightwatch and a post about certain spiritual lessons I’ve learned this summer. 😀

In any case, attached is the dossier for the villain organization that will take center stage in Zhentarim Dossier[File]

The Zhentarim is a canon organization from Forgotten Realms that is bent on world domination through trade and force (Can’t help but liken it to some current IRL organizations/countries.) It’s led by Fzoul Chembryl, high priest of the evil god Bane. I still won’t explain in detail how the PCs will be tackling the Zhentarim, but I think it’s about time they learned more. 😀

So, my dear players, enjoy reading. Please check the Inkwell forums once more for the meeting discussion thread, we need to plan this.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 28, 2007.

One Response to “Looking Back At Summer”

  1. Just to add: Due to some new material I’ve read, I just want to add ranks to the Zhentarim characters.
    Grimgashr – has the title of Banefist. This is equivalent to a real-life lieutenant general (3 stars)
    Calamor Lavver is an Ardragon (colonel). As Loroshyr Auzkovyn is not an actual military official, he is more of an advisor with executive powers, and thus does not have a title.

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