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Before going into the more serious posts that I’ll be writing this week, I wanted to post something that isn’t too heavy and yet related to my interests.

It is of course a known fact that I dabble in art and although I’m not particularly excellent in it, there are more than a few artists whom I admire for their distinctive style.

Apart from the artists I’m watching on deviantArt, (check my Favorites) I encountered the following in my D&D-related readings.

Wayne Reynolds[link]. This UK artist draws a lot for the Eberron campaign setting. I find his gritty graphic novel-like style to be very appealing.
Vinod Rams[link] Based in the US. His art style is also very distinctive; he has a way of illustrating lean and compact muscular figures without making them look bloated and stiff. His females are also lovely.
Emily Fiegenschuh[link] At first I was mistaking her art for Vinod Rams’s and vice-versa, although Emily focuses more on watercolor to give her art a generally softer feel. Still, the similarity in their styles is quite evident. After all, they’re husband and wife. My particular favorite is this illustration of Yondalla and Dallah Thaun[link], the halfling goddesses of protection and ill-gotten wealth, respectively. Also, she has a reeeeeally cute Blue Dragon wyrmling illustration. (See my link banner)
Steve Argyle[link] I just discovered this guy yesterday while going through the art gallery of WotC’s latest D&D book, Complete Champion. He has a lot of Legend of the Five Rings-related art. It’s just so awesome I have nothing to say. My favorites are Chuda Ruri, Sanctified of Kord[link] and Squire of Legend[link].
I particularly like the Sanctified of Kord girl because Kord, the Greyhawk deity of strength and combat prowess, is usually associated with sweaty, muscular and bearded men. 😛 Instead we have a cute, slender redhead who has a quizzical but wary “‘Sup?” look.

EDIT: Blah, there’s something wrong with the code on WordPress that sometimes causes entries with lots of links to get truncated. *tries to rehash what he wrote*

Unfortunately I’m going to have to put aside drawing for a while as the academic year is about to begin. I don’t even know what to do with my third year classes as the material I’ll be handling is new. *sigh* Well, at least there’s still REX 3.0 and The Black and the Purple to look forward to. And hopefully I’ll encounter some of my old students this year.

*Peon mode* Work work.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on May 29, 2007.

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