The Black and the Purple Update #002

Dawn of Victory by Rhapsody of Fire
Lux Triumphans by Rhapsody of Fire

-Same as last time

Purchased another booster pack of Miniatures today. This time it was a Blood War booster, purchased for the low price of Php 650 at Filbar’s (won’t say where). Got the following:
-Kobold Monk
-Acheron Goblin

Some of these will prove useful in the campaign. 😀

The PCs are still in the process of building: choosing skills, feats, and starting items. Since this is a high-powered campaign I’m rather generous and have given them the opportunity to start with masterwork weapons and armor.

Due to extreme boredom today and powered by a healthy dose of Rhapsody of Fire’s elvenmetal, I decided to finally draw Milica. I’m pretty happy how she turned out, and so is Yana. 😀

In other news, it seems my d-group in church has been conscripted to usher for tomorrow’s worship service. I’ll post how it goes tomorrow.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 9, 2007.

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