Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2)

-nothing in particular

The Black and the Purple Chapter I: 67% (revision)

By the grace of God, Lolo’s condition has improved significantly. I don’t know how long it will be before he’s out of the hospital, but again this is only the beginning of a long and difficult series of decisions. Still, I think that the Lord wants to use this situation in a very special way. I’m excited.

A new commercial video for the upcoming Super Robot Wars: Original Generations has been released!

The video shows in detail the workings of the game, as well as the new theme song by JAM Project: ROCKS. ROCKS sounds awesome, and this will be another song that I’ll want to hear all of.

The game itself will be released on the 28th. I can’t wait!

Also purchased another booster pack of D&D Angelfire miniatures.


Left to right:

-Skeletal Archer
-Troll Slasher
-Wrackspawn (again, sigh)
-Wild Elf Raider (again)
-Celestial Pegasus
-Cleric of Dol Arrah
-Dwarf Mercenary
-Dwarf Wizard

My Lawful Good figures finally have a powerful commander in the form of the Cleric of Dol Arrah. This might also make a more suitable miniature for Joaq’s wizard. I still need an Ogre Mage.

I’ve also been trying to look for a D&D miniatures community in the Philippines. It’s really been difficult to find one so far. I mean, someone must be buying all the miniatures out there, and yet there seems to be no forum or blog. Strange.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 20, 2007.

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