Giving Ouran Academy a Run for its Money

Dad has gone back to Singapore and Lolo is out of danger, though his condition still needs to be addressed with an operation. As I had mentioned earlier, life for him will never be the same. Dad told me that although my brother and I wouldn’t be contributing anything monetary to Lolo’s health, we would definitely have to contribute emotional support. I hope the next few years would be an excellent time of bonding between us and our Lolo. I don’t want him to spend his last years on this side of Eternity in sorrow and loneliness.

Now on to today’s main topic. My brother had his acquaintance party for his college[link] earlier this evening (I think the party is still ongoing right now), but it was no ordinary acquaintance party.

It started with this invitation.


Attire? Cocktail.



Impressive enough, but I’m only starting here.

The guards at the door were not wearing the standard barong, let alone the typical blue/white guard outfit. No. They were in Swiss Guard livery. o_o;; (From here onwards there are no more pictures because I was unable to bring my camera. Drat.)

The food. Mmm, the food. The menu spanned the entire globe; the Philippines, China and Japan, and Europe. There were even some American dishes that would be the kind of food that you would least expect at a formal cocktail– chili dogs and macaroni n’ cheese. (The mac n’ cheese was incredible. Never tasted anything like it.) Add to that the immense slab of ribeye steak that was oh-so-juicy. I also dined on noodles, gyoza, and this strange chicken dish that my brother and I have yet to identify. The free-flowing coffee was provided by Starbucks in the form of banana-java chip frappuccinos.

It’s a shame that I don’t have any pictures. They would have spoken for themselves. But I guess the speech by Mr. Tuason, one of the school’s co-founders, says it best.

“We have a vision. We do not believe in being second-rate.”

And it shows. I’m glad my brother’s in this school.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Giving Ouran Academy a Run for its Money”

  1. do they have a host club too sir? ahahahahaha XD

  2. Crud. I wish I had my new cam already and you’d have brought me along and I’d shoot ya’ll along with the scrumptuous food…and the food…and the food…

  3. Ada> Technically the entire school is a Host Club D: Since it’s an HRM/culinary school.

    Mac> Yeah we had an extra invite D: Dad and Mom couldn’t make it.

  4. After graduating from the science course I have to take, I HAVE to enroll in that school. That is the school of my dreams! Even if that means I have to be a working student (say, teach?).

  5. Maybe, the acquaintance party really looked “nice” sir. I want to go there when I graduate.

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