Black//Purple Update #004 and various cool things

Kyomu no Naka de Yuugi by Malice Mizer. The title means “The Game in the Void.” Pretty creepy gothic instrumental. It makes an awesome boss theme for a vampire game.
Cyclone by 12012.

Inkwell’s Party A had its second D&D session earlier this afternoon, and things were quite productive. Yana will be writing the next chapter from the POV of her character, Milica Illancet. Since a lot happened this episode, the second chapter will probably contain a lot more action. PSHS people, watch out for it on Inkwall!

Cool Stuff
A car that runs on air?[link] D: Hopefully this new technology will fly. We really need to stick to renewable resources, and the Philippines is in dire need of these innovations.

I Like
Learned from Martin’s blog[link] about the new branch of Fully Booked that opened in The Fort. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out in big bookstores since the Philippines has no decent public libraries (WE NEED THESE), I’ve had to put up with Powerbooks and the other bookstores we have here–none of which have decent couches or resting areas for browsing. This is my dream come true, and I’d love to visit it soon.

A Little OOC quiz…
I have no idea how I got this result.

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~ by J. R. R. Flores on June 25, 2007.

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  1. Kanga…

    Hmmm…well, at least the latter part of the description fits you as a teacher…

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