Black//Purple Update #005 and more OGs videos

-Remixed Rhapsody of Fire songs I made for Black//Purple
-lots of stuff (???%)

The third session has passed, and it was a very, very productive one–the party dropped eight hobgoblins in very quick succession. Details to follow as the third chapter is published.

However, Black//Purple has encountered a major hangup. One of our members might have to quit. The big problem is this character is one of the most fleshed-out characters in the group and is a major source of very interesting conflict, and it might be too much to ask for a serious enough character who can cause conflict (and character development). This is currently a major quandary that we have to solve soon. Thankfully, we’re having the club fair this week and so we might have a dedicated player who can take this character’s place. Hopefully.

More OGs videos

Thrudgelmir vs. Daizengar. This is one scene I’ve always wanted to see animated since this duel first appeared in SRW OG2.

Axel’s Soulgain tears Kyosuke’s Alteisen apart. Never thought it would look like this animated. Fantastic.

The SRX team tries out the Gespenst Mk II S’s Ultimate Gespenst Kick. Mai tries really really hard.

Latuni and Shine performing Royal Heartbreaker in their Fairlions.

Now for something terrifying:

All of Judecca’s attacks. To the uninitiated, the Judecca is one of the Balmar empire’s most powerful mechs, and its theme borrows heavily off The Inferno from Dante Alighieri’s Comedia Divina. After the two status missile attacks at the start of the video, we see First Hell: Caina, Second Hell:Antenora, Third Hell: Ptolemia, and finally, the epic ownage of Final Hell: Judecca. Amazing.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on July 4, 2007.

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