Transformers and TriNoMa.

Where Dragons Rule by Dragonforce
The Great Eternity by Majestic Vanguard


Watched Transformers last night with my brother. I was actually supposed to watch it with Kate and the other MMIX dudes but unfortunately they arrived too late to catch the same screening we watched.


Before I talk about it, though, I just want to share some pictures of TriNoMa, the new mall Ayala Corp. built nearby.

The atrium, as seen from the top floor.

The roof deck. Park+Pond+Fountains+Mist+Starbucks = Awesome

Now, onto the movie review.

One of the key points where the movie differs from the original cartoon series is that Cybertron is gone and dead, and that the Transformers are all scattered across the galaxy. The Allspark, an immense cube with the power to create life, was lost in the Cybertronian war and sent into space. The Allspark fell to Earth with Megatron in pursuit. However, Megatron crash-landed in the Arctic Ocean and froze.

Read the Wikipedia summary.[link]

I have to say that the movie was outstanding. Let’s begin with the redesigns of the Transformers.

Back when I was a kid, Transformers was one of the shows I used to watch all the time. Of course, when you’re a kid in the 80s, any mech design looks cool–even 70s stuff like Voltes V and Daimos, and since you don’t have anything to compare the animation with, the clunky animation looks cool. Instead of having a single fixed form, it seems the Transformers have the ability to copy any piece of technology, though they generally stick to one form.

That said, I think they did justice to the original cartoon, especially with Optimus Prime’s design–Prime’s vehicle form is a Peterbilt truck without the trailer—very different from the Japanese-style “flat nosed” trailer truck he was in the cartoon. Still, the custom decal flames down his sides in vehicle mode and on his arms and legs in robot made looked awesome, not to mention the energized sword he has on his arm.

Bumblebee’s original vehicle mode–a rotting Chevy Camaro–was amusingly accurate, down to the dirty exhaust. It was awesome, though, how he changed into a newer form when Mikaela commented on him transforming into “a piece of crap” despite being a “super-advanced robot.”

Alternate forms:
-Optimus Prime –> Peterbilt truck
-Bumblebee –> Chevy Camaro
-Jazz –> Pontiac Solstice
-Ratchet –>Search & Rescue Hummer H2
-Ironhide –> GMC Topkick pickup truck

-Megatron –> Cybertronian jet
-Starscream –> F22 Raptor (much cooler than his original F-15 Eagle form)
-Blackout –> MH-53 Pave Low heavy lift chopper
-Devastator/Brawl –> modified M1 Abrams
-Barricade –> Police Ford Mustang
-Bonecrusher –> Buffalo H Mine-Protected Vehicle

Among the most amusing things I saw in the movie was the altered police motto on Barricade’s side, which read “To Punish and Enslave” instead of “To Serve and Protect.”

The action was fantastic, one of the best being the Starscream vs F22 squadron dogfight. Seeing Starscream transform into robot mode in midair to kick an F22 was priceless. Sadly, the final duel between Prime and Megatron was not really as awesome as this–they just seemed to be flailing at one another. Prime didn’t even use his sword! D: (In the end, it was Sam who killed Megatron by using the Allspark to fry Megatron’s heart)

Now unto the script. The silly “weird-but-happy family” banter between Sam and his parents was priceless, as were Sam’s line’s in class. The Transformers themselves had extremely amusing lines as well, having learned English through the Internet. Bumblebee was unable to speak, but used an intricately juxtaposed series of lines taken from radio and TV broadcasts to communicate.

-“Now sir, ask yourself–what would Jesus do?” -Sam
-“ARE YOU USER: LADIESMAN217?” –Barricade, to Sam
-“So if its some super advanced robot, why does it turn back into a piece of crap Camaro?” – Mikaela
Other quotes [here].
A lot of really hilarious dialogue there.

Many critics complained about how the movie was told from the POV of the humans and not the robots, but I honestly didn’t mind–I found that the robots were quite human to begin with: the Autobots speaking in contemporary English, and even the Decepticon Frenzy had very humanlike actions (Best of all was bashing his head against a computer monitor when he failed to completely download the Project Iceman file).

I’m really happy with the movie overall, and I think the audience and my brother agree with me. 5/5.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on July 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Transformers and TriNoMa.”

  1. Usually, I myself love to hate movies but this one was an exception. I agree, the movie totally rocked. I’ve heard people complain about the plot but compared to other recent movies’ plots, Transformers had a sound enough story for me. Nuff said about the animation and lines. I laughed out loud at the end with the whole Optimus-Prime-monologue-with-setting-sun scene (which wasn’t supposed to be funny though. A guy in the audience pumped his fist into the air and shouted “YEAH, OPTIMUS PRIME!” when the red and blue robot first appeared, and there was even applause at the end (a bit too much in my opinion, but it shows how much the audience liked it).

  2. i can say the movie is great & i myself loved wathing the series when i was a kid i never missed any part of it except when i go out and get some snacks

  3. hey i forgot about it when will we … never mind

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