Some Webcomics

Found a couple of new webcomics.

Tracy and Tristan

Tracy and Tristan is one of the few Christian webcomics I’ve seen (if not the only one–well, apart from Jack Chick’s stuff). Glad to see some representation. So yeah, WARNING: CHRISTIAN CONTENT for those who don’t appreciate it.


Legendary is another gaming webcomic I discovered through a student. It’s not really D&D-based; it borrows more off Final Fantasy and similar RPGs. Hope you guys enjoy reading more stuff.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on July 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Some Webcomics”

  1. Speaking of Jack Chick, you will enjoy this: there are a bunch of short films based on actual Jack Chick tracts over at WARNING: ULTRA-CHRISTIAN CONTENT

  2. Thank you for your post! There are some other christian comics online, I am compiling a list that will be added when I update my site.

  3. Tracy and Tristan is a good one.

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