Some Updates

Wow, an actual non-flatliner post. (Well, semi-flatliner)

Things have been up and down for me lately. There’s a massive pile of stuff to check, there are bills to pay, and there’s Black//Purple to attend to, so things have been more than a little hectic. Thankfully I received a rather encouraging comment from Dr. Harold Sala himself (check out my “Your Black Lion” page), which helped uplift my spirits. Hopefully things will be a lot less hectic during exam week, but knowing the cosmic forces of temporal chaos that run our school, we’ll probably have a really horrific schedule throughout the next few days. Sigh.

In any case, Black//Purple has been pushing through by hook and crook, so the journal[link] has not died out yet. The most recent chapter is one that I enjoyed writing a lot (had to pinch hit for Ice as she wasn’t able to do her best when her turn to write came around).

I have a whole bunch of stuff to read now:

-The entire Nightwatch trilogy by Sergei Lukyanenko. Arghs was so kind enough as to lend it to me.
Artemis Fowl 5: The Lost Colony, loaned to me by Ice.
-a whole bunch of stuff that I really should be reading but haven’t.

Urgh. X_x Need to stay alive. Help.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on July 25, 2007.

One Response to “Some Updates”

  1. Y’know what’s so annoying? I’ve been hunting for Book 5 of the Artemis Fowl series here but I can’t find it. I’m so tempted to buy a Deathly Hallows hard cover and sell it in the Philippines. It’s the European version and my word, it has better cover art than the US version.

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