D&D 4th Edition

Beautiful World by Hikaru Utada
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So yeah, another day of class suspensions. Instead of endlessly whining about how the world is not going according to my plans, I’ll just be thankful for the little delights staying at home gives. I think I could do with less bitterness.

Anyway, Wizards of the Coast has finally revealed that they will be releasing the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons next year. Their website is currently under siege from thousands of geeks the world over, so it would be pointless to link now. They basically set themselves up to receive a Denial of Service attack with that timer.

I was able to get into the website for a few moments, at least enough to get this:
Wizards of the Coast website
Unfortunately, the site is still mostly inaccessible and there’s not much I can say at the moment.

Things we can watch out for:
-Attacks of Opportunity have apparently been removed. I’m fine with or without them either way.
-Fighters, who used to be utterly boring in older editions and underpowered feat-monkeys in 3e will now have weapon-specific techniques and abilities. This concept was tested in the 3.5e Book of Nine Swords.
-Races have specific unique powers depending on their class—sort of like the 3e Racial Substitution levels. This should be interesting. Some people moan about how it will make characters less unique.
-There will be online (pay) mapping tools and the like.

Another [article].
That [Green Dragon] looks different. o_O

I think the beauty of D&D is that unlike Magic, you don’t really need to stay updated. If your group wants to stick to old rulesets, then it’s completely fine. Many groups still stick to 2e or 3e rules despite the presence of 3.5e and the advent of 4e. Magic has the problem of being in constant gimmick flux, and it’s difficult to exclude the new stuff if you don’t want it, because it’s up to the other player. As for D&D, it’s more dependent on consensus than Magic is, so it doesn’t suffer so much from mechanical obsolesence. I might be sticking to 3.5 for a while, but it all depends how interesting 4e is. If it’s simpler to learn, then I just might use that for Inkwell instead. Black//Purple stays in 3.5 until it ends, though. (It probably will end before then).

Treading Through New Dungeons,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on August 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “D&D 4th Edition”

  1. I don’t know, the members of Party A pretty much owe their lives to Attacks of Opportunity. XD The changes done to the Fighter class and that other new thing have piqued my interest, though.

  2. Yeah that’s why I’m not really against them. XD Just that sometimes it’s really hard to remember when they happen–lots of things provoke them. And yeah, the fighter thing and the races are really interesting.

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