I Have Me Nasties Piled High to the Sky

Beautiful World by Hikaru Utada
Legendary Tales by Rhapsody of Fire
I really, really want to find the Magic of the Wizard’s Dream album of Rhapsody of Fire, just to hear Christopher Lee singing in several languages. Of course, local music stores are dumb and only stock up on mainstream stuff.
-Pile of stuff
The Black and the Purple Chapter II: The Black Network. Need to get this done so that I can actually push through with tomorrow’s online session!

Despite the long weekend, I haven’t really consumed the entire Pile of Nasties. Forgive my use of this term for my students’ papers and projects. They aren’t really nasty individually, but together and with all their effects on my poor psyche, I kinda feel like [this guy]. Now of course, Chaos Beasts are amorphous piles of nasty.

Checking objective tests isn’t really all that difficult. The shade-the-circle style is especially easy–all one needs to do is use an answer key with windows in the places the correct answers should be in. Saves a lot of time. Essays and projects, however, are another story.

One needs to really pore over every single detail. By the grace of the Almighty I read fast, so that part isn’t really a problem. The problem arises when the work is so phenomenally bad that it literally becomes painful to read. It gets so bad that when I look at the page, my eyes defocus and just run away from the text. Frustrating, really.

The other part is actually giving a grade. Naturally a teacher must always be prepared with a rubric or general idea as to what content begets what grade and it’s easy enough to prepare for this. I got to thinking about the actual assignment of a value to someone else’s work, though. How much is a grade really worth? Given the nature of my work it’s inevitable that I have to separate and categorize work as shoddy or mediocre or excellent. However, I always try to think about the story that led up to that grade. Did the person read? Did the person read without understanding? Did the person misunderstand the question? How much sleep did the person get the previous night? Such things, things that we never really get to see clearly this side of the test paper.

Sigh, still got a long week ahead of me. I had planned to go to the gym again starting Tuesday, but now it seems those plans will be put on hold. Again.

Trying Really Hard,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on August 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “I Have Me Nasties Piled High to the Sky”

  1. it’s a great comfort to students, at least, that teachers do consider the other side of the paper. thank you sir. 😀

  2. you’re doing great, sir. if you need any help, i’m here. thanks for all the effort you’ve been putting into making sure our grades are fair and objective. we really appreciate it, even if we don’t look it sometimes. 😀

    take care always! 🙂

  3. Well, at least you’re checking them. It was rumored that one of our teachers in high school would grade you based on how long your essay was. She used a ruler to measure the text, so we joked about putting in “Lupang Hinirang” lyrics in between our answers to lengthen them.

    Same teacher : “Class, what was the main thoroughfare of Egypt in the olden times?”

    Class in Unison : “The river Nile!”

    Teacher: “Wrong!!! It was the camel!”

    Have fun checking your work dude!

  4. ganbatte sir! all you have to do is think happy things, and think of all the fun you can have after you finish the work! it works for me! ahahaha sorry if i’m not helping lots, but it pains me to see you so… swamped.

  5. sir.. if it helps, we’re willing to help with checking the objective parts. right guys? *nudges camilang* but er.. personally, i’m okay with that. besides, i’m not your student so it’s semi-legalXD or we could buy you stuff for the guardian so you’ll feel nice and uppity.^^ tc sir.

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