A Breather

-I need something new.
The Black and the Purple Chapter II, and other related items.
-Drawing of [Alodia] as a fantasy character. (Due September 1)
-Resuscitating a comatose Inkwell.

Finally done with grades. They were late, but my boss asked for an extension from the higher ups and it wasn’t given. (Lateness was due to my students’ Ramayana presentations getting nuked into the future by the hideous weather.) It was a massive chunk of their grade and many would’ve failed without it.

Anyway, just a series of updates on what’s been happening lately, minus the angst.

The Ramayana presentations were mostly successful. Instead of having the students perform the traditional epic, we have them do modern adaptations.

Beryllium had the villain Ravana as an evil technocrat who wanted to kidnap S.I.T.A. (a sentient gynoid) from her creator Rama. Potassium had Ravana as a chef–I kid you not–oppressing the culinary community. Magnesium had the simplest idea–Ravana as a Mafia don–but their execution was pretty good. I might post my photos and videos when I have the time.

Our creative writing club, Inkwell, is rather dead at the moment due to the unfortunate departure of some of our officers. (The fragged schedule doesn’t help either) As such, I’ve been trying to pull it together. Hopefully we will manage to hold that vital constitutional congress and come up with the Inkwell Charter–without which we won’t get officially recognized.

Okay, geek mode.

I managed to purchase Monster Manual V. It’s an awesome read, full of interesting new ideas. Some things of note:
Mind Flayers of Thoon The Thoon Mind Flayers are a small cult of Illithids who went a bit too far on their travels through the multiverse. They ended up seeing something that they now worship, and go out in its name to seek a strange resource called “quintessence.” Although they still eat brains like regular Mind Flayers, these guys now have powerful constructs to do most of their dirty work. The Soldier of Thoon is an awesome construct that can reconfigure its body into different combat modes, while the Thoon Hulk is a big construct made of leftover Mind Flayer parts—it essentially looks like a hulking cyborg Illithid with axe blades on its hands. Freaky.
The Thoon Elder Brain’s not as strong as the regular Elder Brain, which makes it a good challenge for a party that isn’t that strong yet. Thus it could work as an excellent side quest without detracting from the main forces involved in the campaign.

Xorvintaal: The Great Game of Dragons Xorvintaal is like a game of chess. Except the players are dragons, and the pieces are people. The game may last for centuries, and involves the clever manipulation of pawns and resources to outsmart another dragon. Dragons practically devote their lives to play this game, losing their arcane casting and spell resistance ability in exchange for several magical powers that help them play Xorvintaal better. It’s a good overarching mechanic that doesn’t take too much away from the imagination.

There are many other cool things introduced in MMV, and I can definitely say it was worth my money. Some of that stuff is definitely finding its way into The Black and the Purple.

Hoping for more time and blog entries,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Breather”

  1. we’ll have d&d next week, right sir? 😀 *misses the game. yeah XD*

  2. Yep. I miss it too.

  3. *posts sandwich haiku for lack of something better to do*

    I loved a sandwich.
    It had ham, lettuce and cheese.
    I digested it.

    I hope we get the wizard resurrected agad. XD wouldn’t want to battle mind flayers without a few handy arcane spells to rely on and such. XD

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