Neuralgia and Ten Dimensions

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I wish I could write something more cerebral, but alas. Things have been happening at a rather quick pace lately, and it doesn’t help that the briskness of this schedule is similar to the briskness of a soccer ball being kicked around at a World Cup finals game.

Had the worst headache ever last Sunday. Mom told me it was neuralgia, similar to what she had back when she began teaching again after ten years of being outside the academe. It was not a dull, constant headache, but rather a sharp, piercing and localized pain near the crown of the left half of my skull. Horrible, horrible pain—mostly similar to being bludgeoned with a hammer. Thankfully, a good night’s sleep and reduced stress ameliorated it. It was still hitting once in a while yesterday, and occasionally today. It’s mostly gone as of this writing.

Anyway, I found the following on [Joe’s blog.]
These videos explain how dimensions higher than the fourth may exist—up to the tenth dimension. (The fourth, by the way, is duration or time).

It’s a bit difficult to grasp–I didn’t understand everything myself (especially the “folding”) part. As I understand it, this is how it works:
Dimension Zero: A point
1st Dimension: Length (a line)
2nd Dimension: Height (a “branch” of length)
3rd Dimension: Depth (a “fold” of a “branch” of length)
4th Dimension: Duration (the first three dimensions changing through time, a line)
5th Dimension: “a branch” of duration; ie, an alternate possibility.
6th Dimension: Alternate exclusive possibilities meeting; ie, a “fold” of a “branch” of duration. These wouldn’t have met given any of the branches, all treated as a single point. Ie, infinity as a point.
7th Dimension: A line drawn between two exclusive infinities, each created by different beginning conditions.
8th Dimension: A branch thereof.
9th Dimension: A fold thereof: Exclusive infinities meeting.
10th Dimension: All possible branches of all possible timelines of all possible universes of all possible beginning conditions: The set of all possibilities.

We can clearly see in three dimensions, and although we are affected by the fourth dimension, we can’t even see it clearly. Still, just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. I guess this just goes to show how tiny we really are in the greater scheme of things. The discussion in the youtube threads involves God, and I do think that only He can see all of this coming together.

Dimension Hopping,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Neuralgia and Ten Dimensions”

  1. yeah, i agree with that last point–i bet God can see in ten dimensions too. the dimensions were so awesome though.

  2. New age people have this weird notion of the higher dimensions. After the third dimension, they mention in “love” as one of those higher ones.

  3. Coooooooool. Were just a pint of a point of a point… *keeps saying “of a point” until he runs out of breath* *wheeze* *wheeze* of a point in the tenth dimension…

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