Upon the suggestion of my dad, I tried something new.

Take a pot of espresso, freshly brewed. Pour over ice cream. Indulge.

Affogato is the Italian word for “drowned,” and this is what this dessert is called. Simply splash your espresso over ice cream and that’s it.

It’s my third time to try affogato the way Italians do it (Starbucks does it wrong). See above. Only this time I have discovered an excellent ice cream flavor for the bitter dark espresso to go with.

The first time, I tried it with mango ice cream, resulting in the weirdest thing ever. About a month ago I was able to do it with vanilla ice cream, which is the way it was supposed to be done. Nothing short of superb.

Imagine that solid frozen sweetness swimming in a witch’s brew of bitter darkness. Fantastic.

Today I tried it with butterscotch and caramel ice cream. Even better. The heat melted the butterscotch chunks into a gooey mess, while the espresso and the ice cream mingled and produced a sweet soup with some spots of bitter. Very, very good.

With deep, dark sweetness,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Drowned”

  1. Since sandwiches are also dipped in coffee, would it be a good idea to dip ice cream sandwiches in espresso? XD

  2. If you want it to come apart and melt real fast, maybe. 😛 You can just try dumping the sandwich into a bowl. Pour the espresso over that.

  3. Prego!

  4. Sweet tooth topic!

    Ignorant me has been long consuming something of a similar nature (ice cream with chocolate beverage/plain coffee) without realising that it’s an old dessert of them Italians *sweat*

    And yeah, imho coffee taken with any sweet/cream/milk-based flavour is better than the fruity stuff, which just tastes _odd_.

    Which brings me to a (boring) little daily episode. Some weeks ago i was bunking over at a good friend’s. His mom bought two buckets of ice cream home (mocha and raspberry), and let me choose one.

    In an out-of-character moment i took the latter.

    The next day she was surprised (and maybe a bit disappointed) that i chose raspberry. Apparently she liked that flavour … and was about to spread it on some toast ..

    All the while i assumed she was the no-nonsense, sensible homemaker type who ate for sustenance, not enjoyment and had no need for tidbits.

    Shows how arrogant & clueless a person can be.

    PS: Read your earlier post on the 10 dimensional stuff. Humans really are small in the real scheme of things. I always feel like laughing out loud when fictional villains who claim to be omnipotent bite the dust miserably.

  5. wow…that sounds so sweet it’s gotta be bad for you in some way or another.

    …but who cares, it sounds really tasty anyway. XD

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