Reclusion Perpetua

Earworm: The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream (German version) by Rhapsody of Fire feat. Christopher Lee (as in Count Dooku/Saruman)
The Kitchen God’s Wife

Former President Erap Estrada was sentenced to life in prison today, having been found guilty of plunder by the Sandiganbayan, the Philippine anti-graft court. I kinda expected this, since it would have been very self-destructive for the government to acquit him. If they did, it would be like admitting that the Arroyo administration is illegitimate, and that Estrada should have served to the end of his term.

I’m not really sure if justice was served here. I feel rather sorry for Erap, because the current administration seems a lot more fishy. Erap wasn’t a very smart president, and not at all fruitful, but he had a rather thin screen in front of his face. The current administration feels a lot more sinister and underhanded. Still, I don’t want to think about what would happen if he was acquitted. I’ve had my share of “revolutions.”

At this point, there are only two kinds of revolutions that would change the Philippines: the first kind is of God, where everyone suddenly becomes inspired to do good and to be honest. The other would be from the devil and would not be very different from this guy’s revolution:
You can call me V.
Bloody and successful.
I’ve lost my faith in the Filipino people’s ability to stage a peaceful yet meaningful revolution.

When will we ever get a president who is a true good example to the entire government? Only God knows.

In other news, I’ve begun playing [Granado Espada]. It’s nothing really new as MMORPGs go, except that you get to control a “family” (a party of three characters selected from a pool you’ve created). The visuals are fantastic, especially with the whole 17th century flair that the character designs carry. Of course, after being exposed to a REAL RPG, I feel that my taste for MMORPGs has gone down dramatically. There’s just no way any online character can compare in complexity and depth to any PnP player character—or NPC, for that matter.

Lastly, I was finally able to find the German version of Rhapsody of Fire’s The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream. What makes it really awesome is that Chrisopher Lee sings in it. Here’s the video. Enjoy.

May Our Misery Perish,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 12, 2007.

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