Humanities “Week” 07

Old Age of Wonders by Rhapsody of Fire
Fury by Machinae Supremacy
The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan (both the novel and the questions I owe Arghs for the exam. Haha.) — 33%
Nightwatch – 40%
-Polish on The Black and the Purple Chapter II: The Black Network: 0%
-Submission for [Alodia’s] contest: 40%

Humanities Week is PSHS’s annual festival that celebrates–you guessed it–the humanities. In a school that conditions the minds of its students to be logical and scientific, one needs creative outlets to keep the kids sane and human. It’s usually a celebration I enjoy–a week of no classes and activities upon activities upon activities.

However, this year’s Humanities Week got blown apart by the bad weather, quite literally. Due to the numerous class suspensions we had last month, everything had to be rescheduled all over the place. Yesterday had the field demo and the games (the finale of which involved chasing a piglet through the muddy soccer field), while today had the alternative classes, the Jovito Salonga Debates, the fashion show, and the first ever Mr. and Ms. Pisay pageant.

As usual, I was coaching a debate team and as usual, I ended up on the affirmative side. (In the Oregon-Oxford format, it’s more difficult to win with the affirmative side since you need to present a strong constructive case; the negative side only needs to defend the status quo. In the event of a tie, the negative team automatically wins.)

My team won the past two years, but unfortunately, we lost this one. Arghs’s team was just too good—Max, who debated under me before, was their team captain and rebuttal speaker. With his calm and matter-of-fact demeanor (none of that demagogue chatter that people think is so impressive), he was able to soundly beat my team captain and his friend, Leki. My second speaker, RC, managed to score her third Best Debater award in a row, making her record in PSHS flawless so far. She had shifted her strategy because she knew her friend and classmate, DR, would be her opponent. Instead of her normal snarky interpellation, she adopted a bedroom voice tone that really threw DR off. It was amusing to watch, really.

The best part of the day, which I was looking forward to, was the fashion show. This year they came up with a very interesting theme: Options for the future PSHS school uniforms. Now I’ll have to admit that redesigning school uniforms is something that crosses my mind more often than I’d expect, and the bland uniforms we use now are not really what I’d consider interesting. The students did come up with some very interesting designs.

Unfortunately, my camera was acting really silly today and may have had contact with the floor without me knowing. Only the video function was working properly. Here are some vids I took:
The girl’s outfit here (modeled by Athena) was rather interesting in that she was wearing rather loose, short pants instead of a skirt. However, this outfit reminded many people of the outfit that the little toddler daughter of one of our teachers wears.
Cat and Dante. Unfortunately I didn’t appreciate the shade of orange used in Cat’s outfit. (I call it Jollibee orange).
Denise and Romeo.
The emo pair.
Paul and Nikki. I liked Paul’s outfit the most among the guys. Nikki’s skirt is cute and would work with orange, though I think the blouse could be better.
Mika and Adrian. I liked Mika’s uniform the most among the girls, though I think it would’ve been even better combined with Nikki’s skirt. I think.
Anton and Joanna in their Japanese-inspired outfits.

Anyway, that’s about it for today. I can’t think of a closing and I have my hands full, so um, toodles.

PS: Forgot to mention Gigi’s Barney interpellation in the first debate.
Gigi: Tell me what you think a Tyrannosaurus is.
Gigi: I asked you a question, please answer. Then you will find out.
Opponent: I refuse to answer a question I deem is irrelevant.
Gigi: I asked you a question.
Opponent: It’s a dinosaur, a carnivore. How is this relevant?
Gigi: You will find out. What about Barney? Are you aware Barney is a Tyrannosaurus?
Opponent: Barney, I believe, is a man in a costume!
Gigi: Yes or no, please.
Opponent: ….no, I am not aware.

It didn’t really make sense, but it was hilarious. XD


~ by J. R. R. Flores on September 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Humanities “Week” 07”

  1. The debate of your and Sir Argh’s teams were actually cleaner than the first one. To be fair to your team, they were actually going strong at the start.

    Some of the designs at the show were pretty good (although a few were impractical for a tropical country such as ours). Pity the event was plagued by a band that can’t get a hint.

    Great vids, sir.

  2. Hahaha! Gigi? =))

    What was the debate topic about Sir? How come Barney popped up. O.O :))

  3. She was comparing the government to a tyrannosaurus while the CPP-NPA was Barney. The CPP-NPA looked bad only because they only showed the bad things about it in the media, just how only Barney’s “kid-friendly” side was shown. She argued that since he was a tyrannosaurus, he would doubtless be feasting on other dinosaurs.

    The debate proposal was that the CPP-NPA should be declassified as a terrorist organization.

  4. Hello, Sir!

    About the debate, do you have any footage, or script maybe? I wasn’t able to watch it, but judging from your accounts, it seems interesting (I am sure and assured there was no “CORN” in the Debate).

    About the fashion show, it was HOT(literally). Also, I just hope that the uniforms are changed soon, judging from the design direction of the show. I just hope that the I don’t wear “mustard colored tablecloth” in the new uniform(s) to come.

    About Mr. and Miss Pisay: It was okay, just that.

  5. The emo pair don’t look depressed enough for me. There should have been more black. Plus the girl walked more like a glam girl than an emo girl.

    But that’s just me.

  6. was the voice really as freaky as dr keeps reminding me it is? xD teehee. you’re the greatest coach, sir joey. promise *hugs*

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