Best Stuffed Toys Ever

Stumbled upon these thanks to Kate.

[Giant Microbe Stuffed Toys.]

Tired of giving away teddy bears? Give your friend the [Black Death] instead. 😀

Anyway, these are the cutest little things I’ve ever seen, and they’d probably be something I’d decorate my office with if I were a pediatrician. My favorite is the [fat cell.]

Anyway, something light-hearted to make up for the emo nova that exploded here last night. Dad talked to me about it and I feel a bit better.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 3, 2007.

6 Responses to “Best Stuffed Toys Ever”

  1. Imagine hearing a conversation like this:

    Person 1: I WANT GONORRHEA.

    Person 2: No way, dude, HIV is much better. XD

    Glad you’re feeling better, sir 🙂

  2. Guy1: So, what did you get your girlfriend for her birthday?
    Guy2: Syphilis.

    Girl1: You totally won’t believe what I got for my birthday!
    Girl2: What? What?! TELL ME!
    Girl1: I got fat for my birthday! ❤

  3. acording to the board… IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY LOL! (then again it may be mistaken and be tomorrow >.> I suck with dates)

    Happy birthday Aslan XD hm… you’re oficially as old as yours trully XD

    and well… >.> ya’ know I’m not good with this things… but… nothing is not ‘just nothing’ is more of a blank space for you to fill up with memories, fantasies and hopes… and all that rambling we’ve learned from years of mecha animes… I dunno if you follow my point… but while we must acknowledge the fact that life is not simple as we would like, that does not means we have to stay still and not live by more simple values, because those are the ones that keep the world moving.

    and heck, we’re both geeks, we are supposed to live by geek values dangit’! now get yourself a cake and think of the unlimited posibilites that you have by just looking out the window. =D

    and just for the laughs, go and get yourself a new sword Merk!

    best regards..

  4. Recommendation for book reading: Just to keep you feeling better, sir, I’ll lend you a few books that changed my life. If they didn’t, I would smell, I would be more emo, I would plainly be worse than I am now.
    How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
    How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (note on influence, but I doubt you need this)
    I paid to advertise these books, so please read them.

  5. Sir Espinas has TB and The whooping cough…

    They’re so cute!

  6. i want hiv^^ yes, that way. lol. XD

    we’ll flood thy cubicle with stuffytoyz sir *rofl*

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