Gundam 00: Social Commentary

The Truth Beneath the Rose by Within Temptation. Lovely song.
Heart of the Rainbow by Freedom Call

The Gundam metaseries has always been a social commentary on war, peace and ideology. At times it gets so philosophical (Gundam Wing had a lot of this) that it ends up being trite.

This disappeared somewhat in Gundam SEED (and its infernal spawn, SEED Destiny), as both of those were so full of flashbacks, stock footage and cheesy poses that there was actually more rehashed material than plot development. There was more angsting than philosophical reflection.

Now, with Gundam 00, we get a renewed sense of the heavy anti-war sentiment that suffused the previous series. Just check this out:[pic]

Yes, 300 years into the future, our friend Dubya will still be doing the same thing. Or someone who disturbingly looks like him will be doing the exact same things he does. (This character is the president of UNION, which is based in Washington, D.C.)

I don’t really feel strongly about the foreign policy of the US, but I can’t deny that it has very nasty and far-reaching effects. And that even anime pokes fun at him.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on October 21, 2007.

One Response to “Gundam 00: Social Commentary”

  1. Hey sir. You should see Zeta. I think what Celestial Being is doing is quite funnier than what the AEU, the UNION or the HRL do. Each side, including Celestial Being, fights for what they believe is right. Would you fight or kill for a purpose you believe is a greater good? Does the end justify the means? Maybe Gundam 00 would have something to teach us… or maybe it’s just there for us to watch cool robots fighting and to buy merchandise. I’ll get you a nice robot this Christmas sir 😛

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