She’s Dead, Jim!

FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC from FF8, by Nobuo Uematsu. I have no idea why this keeps playing in my head right now.
The Black and the Purple Chapter III: Dagger in the Dark. Drawing maps and writing down encounters.
Final Fantasy VIII. Just got into Esthar.

The year began with some lofty ambitions, chief of which was reviving Inkwell, PSHS’s creative writing club, and actually getting it officially recognized as an organization. It is now six months into the year and we still haven’t done much, let alone prepared seriously for the accreditation we seek.

Here are the reasons I can think of:
1. People were not that serious about it to begin with. Sadly, the main instigator of our project is no longer with us. She dropped Inkwell just like that, for reasons that I can’t understand. Many people have fallen away since the beginning of the year, and even I haven’t been able to work seriously with the project apart from running The Black and the Purple.

2. Lack of a cohesive leadership. With the organization decapitated and no plausible successor, we seem to be merely coasting along. The only candidate I had will be leaving the school by the end of the year and as of yet I cannot see anybody with the seniority, heart, responsibility and vision to take the reins. There may be someone who can take charge, but this person is currently burdened by the accursed heap of work that comes with PSHS’s sophomore year (Which I honestly believe is not necessary).

3. Lost vision. We knew what we wanted, but is this still true now? We wanted to have an officially-recognized group. We wanted to have activities every week. We wanted to be able to publish work on the Inkwall at least twice a month. Right now, the only thing that occupies our Inkwall is The Black and the Purple, and even that hasn’t been updated in quite a while. The Inkwall itself isn’t being repaired, and it has disintegrated into a disgraceful mess. Things really don’t look good at all.

4. Lost Purpose. One of the major projects we had planned for this year was the Dalumat literary folio, but this was subsumed by the sudden emergence of the Creative Writing Elective, which was forced on us due to lack of science electives that opened this year. I really don’t want to complain, but when we lost command of one of our primary projects, Inkwell lost a reason to work. Obviously, people don’t want to submit stuff just so that it will get posted on a board nobody looks at.

Now I’m stuck with a bunch of people who in all likelihood cannot be leaders. There is sadly not enough responsibility between them to hold the organization together. Our forums are empty, and very few people post—only the people who play D&D, and even then not all of them. I beg them to respond to any thread I post, but a grand total of two people reply to my threads. Some threads go without replies at all.

I’m obviously doing something wrong here, but what more can I do? Maybe I should just nail the coffin of Inkwell shut and just put up an unofficial D&D playing group. Until I can get a student leader, there really isn’t much I can do apart from rolling 20-sided dice.

Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “She’s Dead, Jim!”

  1. How sad. *joins forum*

  2. sir, you’re not doing anything wrong. it’s just that well, pisay works that way. i know what you’re hinting, sir and I’m sorry that i haven’t really delivered my promises but i promise that i’ll do everything and anything I can for my last few weeks^^ we’ll pull it together, sir.XD

  3. Tends to remind of the time we left CWG. It just fell apart.

  4. Quite honestly, sir, I know how you feel. The debate club was the same way before. It’s hard enough to start a club, but keeping it alive long enough to get recognized is so much harder. It takes people – members – who absolutely love what they’re doing and are willing to take responsibility even when it’s inconvenient. Inkwell is lucky to have such an individual as their adviser.

    Inkwell can get through this, sir. All it takes is the right opportunities and the right circumstances to arrive. Until then, I hope you’ll keep loving and doing what you do.

  5. Like what you said sir, “Inkwell is like a dead club.” With this words that came out of your mouth, I finally realized it. Every time I go past the Faculty Center, I see no people having a meeting and my classmates never mentioned anything about going to the Inkwell.

  6. well, we’ll see about that, won’t we, sir?^^ inkwell just needs to be resurrected and it’ll cost a lot of diamonds (oh the dndXD) but it’s worth it. just wait, sir, we’ve got something in the works *bounces*

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