Just to show that I’m not in favor of GMA and to show my general confusion, I’d like to ask:
Why on earth are they arresting the media? Just now they showed videos of mediamen being handcuffed and led into a bus to go to Bicutan. Some of their stuff was confiscated (shown was a laptop), but apparently the others are allowed to carry cameras and cellphones into the bus. Supposedly they’re being taken in for “processing,” but we don’t know why they were cuffed.

Of course this is stupid. They’re playing right into the hands of what Trillanes wanted. I don’t know what is going on here, but I’m just confused.

Maybe this is exactly what they government wants. It’s a tried and tested strategy used by the Father of Lies himself.

As I type, Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN said that according to the authorities, the mediamen are being brought in for questioning “as witnesses and suspects.” I’m not going to be silly here and cry foul because of the term suspect; I’m sure that it’s SOP to take in everyone into custody for questioning.

Right now, the Secretary of Defense is saying that they’re being arrested so that the police can figure out whoever is really with Magdalo or not. Good answer, I guess, but everyone should be vigilant. I’m more concerned about these guys than about Trillanes. (He should get what he deserves.)

Right now they just showed a video from within the bus with the mediamen. Apparently they were still allowed to take in a camera, and some are still on the phone. The security on this bus is definitely a lot looser. They just pulled in a civilian bus to bring the mediamen in. Of course, Korina Sanchez just had to say “We’ve never seen this since martial law.”

Please, don’t make it any worse.

Let’s wait and see. As much as I don’t like GMA, I seriously don’t think she’s stupid enough to screw the media over. If anything is going to trigger another stupid EDSA “revolution,” it’s getting the media’s goat.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “@_@”

  1. I agree to you, sir. na-confused din ako and I don’t know too why did they cuffed the mediamen instead of Trillanes and company [actually I don’t know if they have cuffed Trillanes and others…].

    well… secretary of defense can figure out which of them are magdalos or not by getting their ids (for the mediamen), and for those who are not mediamen will be led to the bus to go to bicutan.

    its very confusing anyway. oh well… lets pray na lang. i want to change this current government. oh crap government… it makes my beautiful day my worst day ever.

  2. I think that the authorities are justified in taking some members of the media into custody. Quite a large number were in the thick of the mess throughout the siege and yes, they should be treated as witnesses to a crime and indeed it is possible that some Magdalo soldiers masqueraded as members of the media. What I find strange is that they have to put tie wire around their hands.

    Putting that aside, I believe that the media has lost their objectivity in this incident. Earlier this evening, as Trillanes and his supporters made their speeches, I observed some of the journalists cheering and clapping. Some reporters even made statements that could be regarded to be in support of this uprising. I believe too that their presence there at the hotel prevented the situation from being resolved much quicker. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, we’ll never know.

    For over an hour now, ABS-CBN has been reporting only about the so-called arrests of their personnel. During their interviews with the Secretary of Defense, some of the anchors even raised their voices at him while asking the same questions over and over as though they would not stop until they got the answers they wanted. Right now, Mike Enriquez on GMA seems calm and collected compared to the ABS-CBN reporters — even after being faced with the news that their own news team was taken into custody.

    This entire event has brought the flaws in our media into view and I believe that the time is right to re-evaluate the role of the media in our society.

  3. I noticed that they were cutting off Mr. Teodoro over and over again while he was trying to explain something. It was quite irritating and you could see that their questions seem to have been designed to incriminate the government.

    What really got my goat was Korina Sanchez’s “omg martial law” statements. That was just adding fuel to the fire.

    In any case, I’m glad to find out that Trillanes will have to pay for the damages to the hotel. That was private property, and he was asking for the government to come knocking.

    Let me also add that I found out the Manila Pen management (the wife of one of a pastor who goes to our church works there), which was away on a seminar, had to rush back to the hotel to take care of their employees and the guests inside. They had to implement this policy precisely because of Trillanes’s Oakwood debacle.

    Seriously, if people want to whine about why the mediamen were cuffed and “arrested” or about the curfew, they should flame Trillanes for it. He marched out of court, tried to stir up civilian unrest, barged in on private property with automatic firearms, and in general made life miserable for us today. I will never, ever see him as a hero.

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