I’ve Lost My Faith in EDSA

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Trillanes is at it again. He and his pals walked out of their own hearing and somehow managed to get out. Now they’re holed up in Manila Peninsula in Makati City, demanding Arroyo to resign.



He’s calling to the people of the nation, trying to stir up another EDSA. Why on earth does he think that another EDSA revolution is going to help the country? Doesn’t he even realize that the first, original “people power revolution” never truly worked.

If you say that it was successful in getting rid of a dictator, fine. I’ll concede to that. But did it truly change the country permanently? Now, 21 years later, are we experiencing the fruits of EDSA? No. All we truly succeeded in doing was developing a silly “reset button” that our country somehow thinks will always work.

Things were different back then. They’re bloody different now.

I’ll admit to joining the EDSA that put GMA in power. I thought it was going to work. I thought things were going to change. They did not. I’ve lost my faith in EDSA. In hindsight, it only got rid of one man. A tyrant, yes, but his spawn are still in positions of power. EDSA II only removed Erap’s power. Does he still have the support of his pals and his fans? You bet. In fact, the people of San Juan still call him the president.

So whatever farce this is, Mr. Trillanes, I’m not taking part of it. And you can bet that I, a public school teacher, will do my darndest to convince as many people to boycott your silly crusade. Your revolution will not change the country. EDSA never worked, and never will work. True change will only happen when a revolution happens in the heart of each and every Filipino.
It will only happen when we truly act like the Christian nation we claim to be. When we go beyond what is our “tradition” and actually live out the values we claim to possess. Until then, Mr. Trillanes, it will not happen.

You may succeed in removing GMA. If that happens, kudos. The burning question remains: THEN WHAT? Do we sit around and twiddle our thumbs and crawl like slugs through this “transition”? Have our trade with other countries suffer because we don’t trust the very government we put into power?

Don’t get me wrong. I lost my faith in GMA long ago, when she ran for office after she had promised not to. But will changing her be enough? Even if we ripped out the roots of the government, the country would still be the same. Until our nation as a whole experiences a change of heart, no progress will happen. We will just keep floating along, dancing this insane endless waltz. We will slip, fall, and die eventually.

I’m tired of EDSA. You will never be a hero in this, Mr. Trillanes. Open your eyes. EDSA is tired. Let her sleep until the true revolution of the hearts and minds of the Filipino people comes into fruition. Stop trying to get the people hooked on this power they do not truly have, and for crying out loud, stop making our country look worse than it is.

Finding “Revolution” Revolting,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on November 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “I’ve Lost My Faith in EDSA”

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  2. Rightly said, Sir.

    This state is one of the worst states of human nature. and that it is nearly uncurable.

    ” The hope of thy nation has died. Thy efforts are useless. Nohing can set thee free from the clench of the reeking garbage that surrounds thee. It is too late.”

  3. agrees. especially on what would happen if they succeeded in the mutiny.

    posted on my blogger.

    ~paula [http://voice-in-the-water.blogspot.com]

  4. kung sila bonifacio at ang katipunan ay nakinig sa mga katulad mong nawalan na ng pag-asa para sa pagbabago…hindi sana natin makakamtam ang tinatamasa nating kalayaan. sa bawat panahon ng maling sistema ay siguradong may tatayo para isulong ang tamang sistema..may tutuloy sa laban at magiging bayani kahit na may mga taong tumalikod o mawalan tiwala.

  5. Masuwerte sina Bonifacio na ang mundo nila ay di katulad ng kasalukuyan.

    Ang EDSA lang ba ang tanging paraan ng pagbabago? Tama ba ang sistema na isinulong ni Trillanes? Pagiging bayani ba ang panghihimasok sa pribadong buhay ng mga ibang tao?

    Walang silbi ang pagaalis ng isang pangulo sa puwesto kapag ang mga mamamayan mismo ay hindi tinitingnan ang kanilang mga sariling kapabayaan at kasalanan.

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