Whatever Happened to Bionic Boy?

The Last Winged Unicorn by Rhapsody of Fire

After watching a Discovery channel program about people with superhuman abilities (active body temperature regulation and the ability to paint in perspective and color despite being blind from birth, to name a couple), and I talked to mom and grandma about it over breakfast.

This conversation reminded them of a certain phenomenon who was popular during the time of Ferdinand Marcos: The adolescent psychic known as Bionic Boy.

According to Grandma, Bionic Boy had the ability to read minds and predict the future. He also had telekinesis and remote viewing abilities. Whenever he used these powers, people around him would hear a metallic clicking noise beaming out of his skull. While many of these are typical enough for supposed psychics, grandma said he also had an additional ability: he could cause your brain to see him as something else. For example, he could imitate the appearance of an image of Christ.

I searched the Net and even the Oracle of Knowledge (Wikipedia) to no avail. There is very little on the Great Online about this enigma. All I found was [this short story] that tells us some details about his life. The rest is a what-if, a guess as to what became of Bionic Boy.

Anyway, it’s said that Bionic Boy was adopted by the Marcoses because he was able to successfully predict that a plane that Bong-bong Marcos’s friends were going to take. The President, fearing for his son’s life, pulled him off the trip before they took off. The plane crashed, killing all on board. Marcos then offered to adopt Bionic Boy.

Eventually, Bionic Boy predicted the downfall of the Marcos regime. The President didn’t like this, and Bionic Boy was banished, told to disappear.

Of course, these details were only taken from the story above, and it’s difficult to tell what actually happened in history. I’m only repeating what I heard from grandma, so I don’t really have any firsthand information. Bionic Boy did disappear, and the records of him were erased. Not only is his true name unknown, I also don’t have any information as to what year he was born. Now if he was a teenager in the early 70s, that would put him in his late 40s today. And we have no idea who he is.

I wonder what it feels like to disappear from history.  I also wonder what became of this guy. Is he still alive? I guess we can only speculate. Unless we really embark on an extensive search for him, I don’t think we’ll ever find him. I don’t think he wants to be found, anyway.

The Truth is Out There,
Your Black Lion


~ by J. R. R. Flores on December 12, 2007.

15 Responses to “Whatever Happened to Bionic Boy?”

  1. Yeah, I watched that show in Discovery too 😀 It was cool. Wow, I’ve never heard of Bionic Boy before. Interesting. I think I’ll ask my parents about it or something.

  2. Well I hadn’t heard about him either before lola told me about him. Really quite interesting.

  3. Bionic Boy was briefly mentioned in one of Imelda’s bography – The Steel Butterfly – search for it in google books. Bionic Boy was mentioned there some. I did watch him on TV then (B&W) doing some tricks like Uri Geller.

  4. Maybe he caused people to forget about him D:

  5. I stumbled across your page since my curiosity was aroused when my dad mentioned him awhile ago during our new year’s celebration. My dad did a three page article in the Inquirer about him a couple of years ago. It seems he did a lot of interesting stuff even after the Marcos days. Rumor has it he disappeared though. (or went home) Still, i have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of bionic boy.

  6. actually.. i’ve read an article in a book about him… everything about him was written there.. EVEN HIS NAME! too bad i forgot about it.. but i’ll look for it again in our school’s library.. and i’ll share some details about him too… he’s indeed very interesting…

  7. bionic boy??? he is dead according to his wife.i meet the wife in the father in-law at damortis , la union.

  8. yes its true, joaquin roque aka bionic boy passed away sometime 3-4 years ago.

  9. Apparently Bionic Boy moved to LA, changed his name to Ronnie Joaquin and did ‘special missions’ for the US government.

    He predicted a catastrophic meteor strike in 1999.

    Years later, Imelda claimed to have forgotten who he was.

    -(from “America’s Boy”, James Hamilton-Paterson)

  10. Yup, My parents knew him since it was actually my dad’s grandpa who adopted him. Anyways, soembodt told he was on TV before.

    • I am familiar with his story as he lived with us in 1998. I can
      be contacted at tel: 7070500/0929233 8922. I am curious though if he really died and I would like to talk to his wife. He got married sometime in 1998-1999 to a beautiful teacher in Damortiz and wellknown people in government attended his wedding. How did he die? I saw many of his talents…He can speak languages. and thousands of dialects anywhere in the world it is spoken…fantastic. I can tell you stories about him.

    • VW: can i talk to you? to compare stories? just curious, as friends, can we talk? my tel is 7070500

  11. I was married to Ronald Romeo Sebastian Joaquin also known that time as Ronnie Marcos, the Bionic Boy on JUNE 4, 1983 in a Catholic ceremony at St. Vincent the Paul Church in San Marcelino, Manila. We met in the house of the late Dr. Hector Ruiz, then chairman of the Blessed Lorenzo Ruiz Soceity. Iwas the corporate secretary. it was my work of apostolate.

  12. My cousin can attest to his ability to speak languages, and heal, to call overseas through a toy phone, to write on air and the contents appearing in the middle of a ream of paper, play the piano very well at first sight of a musical score, and many more.

  13. Check in Tarlac for the former Bionic Boy. He lost it now…

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