Singapore, Days 2 and 3

Nightquest by Nightwish
Wishmaster by Nightwish
Come Cover Me by Nightwish

Got to meet up with some of my students at Raffles city the other day for some shopping and a little talk about the Hell’s Heart D&D adventure we were going to be playing while we were here in Singapore. Ended up getting a whole bunch of stuff:
Although D&D books are available in the Philippines, the selection is usually limited to the newest books (or older, obscure 3.0 books). I was happy to discover that there was a specialty store (Comics Mart) at Raffles City mall that had a lot of D&D books on stock. I got the following:

new books!
Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords
The Grand History of the Realms

I’m glad to have finally gotten a hardcopy of the Bo9S. It looks fantastic in the pulp. The Grand History is a very interesting read, detailing everything from the beginning years of Faerun to its most recent apocalyptic events. These two books cut my

I also grabbed a copy of the anime The Big O at a booksale at Suntec Convention center, as well as a copy of Spirited Away
that was unfortunately in Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Oh well.

Day 3

I met up again with my students yesterday. They were supposed to pick me up at Tiong Bahru station at 10:30 am, but due to limited prepaid accounts, they could not reply to my text messages or answer my calls. After an hour and a meal at MOS burger, I was finally met the guy who was supposed to pick me up. We eventually got around to beginning our Eberron campaign, Hell’s Heart, after lunch.

DR’s crusader tore apart the villains without any problems–until the party went up against centipede swarms (which are immune to weapon damage). Thankfully their psion and duskblade were able to pick up the slack and turn their offensive spells against the swarms. The swarms are still alive, but right now they’re still steadily eating away at the entire party’s HP.

The campaign is taking longer than I expected, so we’ll probably be continuing this during the fair.

A lot more happened today, but I’ll continue this in a separate post.


~ by J. R. R. Flores on December 21, 2007.

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